• frighteningly fun film night with franken’s and bold native!

    June 19th, 2010quarrygirlfranken's, LA restaurants

    last night a large group of animal lovers gathered under the stars in coldwater canyon for a screening of bold native, the first fictional film about the ALF.

    it was a fantastic evening for many reasons: friends, nature, entertainment, activism….but this is a vegan food blog, so of course i’m here to tell you mainly about how delicious dinner was, thanks to the frankenstand….

    the folks who put together the screening could not have chosen a better vendor to feed hungry vegans. franken’s is the only entirely animal-free food cart in LA, and they serve up the best sausages we’ve ever tasted. they were there in full force last night, slinging plant-based franks, complete with a huge selection of sauces and condiments.

    we got a couple of franks to share before the movie started…

    the wolf: this is a zesty frank you'll love to wolf down. packed with fangtastic, chipotle pepper flavor! $3

    first up, the wolf. packed with tons of spicy chipotle flavor, the wolf is the smallest sausage available at the frankenstand…but it will fill you up for just 3 bucks. i covered it in onions and sauerkraut from the toppings table, and wolfed this little baby down in 2 seconds flat.

    the franken: this classc sausage will make you fee, ALIVE! with a monster blend of sun dried tomatoes and basil, giving it a slightly sweet taste. frighteningly delicious! $5

    we also shared the signature franken, a hearty italian-style sausage made with sun dried tomatoes and basil. this is probably the best sausage at the frankenstand—it’s huge, filling, and extremely tasty. we drowned it in sriracha, mustard, and jalapenos, and called it a day.

    the screening was held at the mark taper foundation amphitheatre at treepeople in coldwater canyon, an absolutely beautiful venue. i’ve been hiking in this area many times, and always thought it would be great to attend an event at the theatre…i’m so glad that when i finally had the chance, it was animal rights related.

    i forgot to mention, that they even allowed beer and wine at the screening! score! frankens and beer are two of my favorite things.

    after we ate, once it got dark, we were treated to a wonderful screening of bold native. if you haven’t seen this film already, you really should. it’s the very first fictional narrative about animal liberation, and movies like this are going to become extremely important if we want animal rights to go mainstream.

    LA vegans, if you know what’s good for you, you will check out bold native. and always, always, ALWAYS attend any event that involves the frankenstand.

    the frankenstand on twitter.
    bold native on twitter.

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  • Other than the completely gratuitous full-frontal male and female nudity (let me tell you: the Frankenstand was not the only wiener on show last night) the movie was kinda cool, even though it looked like one of my indie film school friends made it.

  • Bold Native is AMAZING! I went to the premiere on Wednesday and loved it. It made me wanna take more action to help animals.

  • how do we find out about these things ahead of time. it sounds great, but i hadn’t seen anything about it.

  • For the record, the ALF do not support this fictionalized view of our actions.

  • I’m so happy you were able to see the film last night! Tree People was an awesome venue for it, too.

    The filmmakers are taking the film on the road. It’ll be screening in Portland, OR on June 24 at 5th Avenue Cinema, in Seattle on June 29 at Northwest Film Forum, and in DC on July 16 at the National Animal Rights Conference. They (and I) would be so grateful if you’d let your readers know about these screenings. Thank you!

    It was great seeing you last night!

  • I’ve never had anything from Frankenstand, must try their stuff soon.

  • @Meghan
    Follow the Franken Stand on Twitter. Also, check out http://www.veganevents.org/ (also on Twitter and Facebook.)

  • i had a good excuse not to be there, i was in reno/tahoe, otherwise the frankenator is not to be missed!

  • Just FYI- Stella is not vegan.


  • according to barnivore, stella is vegan-friendly…


  • @Leigh, Stella in the US is vegan. The filtration in some EU countries may not be. Unless QG imported that herself, we’re cool 🙂

  • I just looked it up on Barnivore. Seems pretty straightforward. It said “Stella Artois: Vegan Friendly” in big bold letters.


  • @ALF person: I don’t think the movie claims to speak for the ALF in any way. As you saw there was an “ALF” character that chose not to take part in the actions. INDIVIDUALS were confronted with problems and then had to make choices. A lot of different choices were made. And I think it is odd that you would claim to speak for the ALF since a cornerstone of the ALF ethos is that you do your own thing and you do it covertly; certainly not on a blog.

  • I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I didn’t like the movie. 10 years in the making? Come on! I couldn’t relate to a single character! Is this really what you think animal activist are like? I don’t know w single activist like anyone in this movie. The ALF in this movie is a joke and certainly can’t support anything this movie portrays any of it’s members as.

  • D.M.: Yes, I concur completely. I was lurking in these comments waiting for somebody to say something about how awful the movie is. It’s basically like a film school project, and with the exception of the ravenously sexy Shannon Keith (where were there no nude scenes with her in them, I ask?) the characters were awful. Writing, directing, shooting, editing, sound, you name it – it looks like a freshman project, and should not be positioned as a credible movie that will change people’s attitudes to animal rights.

    I could go on and on about its flaws, but I’m leaving now for The Meet Market’s all-you-can-eat buffet!

  • I am a huge fan of the movie. I have met someone who watched a pre-screening who immediately went from meat mouth to vegan and has maintained it for some time. I have also met a vegan who speaks out against the ALF who says that s/he no longer wants to do that after seeing this movie. In a movement where we have the HSUS’s of the world offering reward money for activists, that is very important.
    And not realistic? The Jane character is all over the movement, I have met her several times. All the animals in the movie- they were very real. And people risking everything to save animals, that is real, even if infrequent.
    I think that the bold native crew went above and beyond by dedicating their time and money and careers to this cause. Even if you didn’t think it was the best movie ever, at least respect them for the heart they put into it.
    And get over the nudity people. The juxtaposition of flesh in pleasure vs. flesh in pain was very effective I think, seeing as how it made everyone so intently uncomfortable.
    Clearly I am a one-person cheer-leading team, but I, love the movie.

  • I really enjoyed the movie. Who cares how real it was, it’s a movie! And the main guy was hot.

  • @ms. vagina – I saw you a couple of times in the movie. oh, and Im glad the animals were real as I’d have thought that a CG animal thing would have been way outside the budget of this.

  • Totally looking forward to munching on as many Frankens as I can motherfucking handle at the Guerrilla Drive In this upcoming Sunday.



  • I would be very interested in seeing films made by D.M. and scooby. I bet they’re awesome.

    Seriously every time someone puts out an AR documentary, book, etc., people line up to throw mud…’why didn’t you include THIS’ or ‘you should have done THAT.’ Go do it yo’ damn self. Clearly until the world is vegan, there’s a need for all kinds of projects and tactics.

  • I’m happy for the Frankenstand, but I wonder why no one ever tries making their OWN from scratch, instead of just serving up Tofurkey-brand sausages?

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