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    May 13th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), san diego

    it’s hard enough finding vegan mexican food at all, let alone stuff that actually tastes good—i’m happy just to get a burrito that’s free of chicken stock and lard in the first place!

    so imagine how shocked i was when i ate at pokez in san diego. they serve up authentic mex that is downright delicious and even have the vegan options clearly indicated on the menu.

    inside, pokez is a dive-y college-y type of place, with funky decor and cheap plastic tables. they don’t serve alcohol (i heard they used to, but got their license revoked)…but the amazing food definitely makes up for it.

    like any mexican restaurant worth its salt, pokez serves complimentary chips and salsa upon entry…

    when we dined at pokez, we agreed that the chips were perfectly greasy and the salsa was flavorful, but they were nothing compared to the awesome food that was about to arrive.

    vegan flautas: 3 potato flautas topped with guacamole, salsa fresca, and lettuce. served with rice and beans. $6

    for an appetizer, we got the vegan flautas. the portion was huge, and it probably could have been a meal for 2 people. seriously, the prices at pokez are so low, it’s amazing how much food you get for your money! the flauta plate came stacked with fried flour tortillas stuffed with fluffy warm potatoes, covered in guacamole and fresh salsa. not to mention the best beans and rice i’ve ever tasted.

    2 bean enchiladas. $3.75

    for my entree, i ordered the 2 bean enchilada. unfortunately, the picture doesn’t really do these guys justice, but i promise you they were soooooo good. again due to the tiny price tag, i thought the portion would be tiny as well. boy, was i wrong! for under 4 bucks i got a giant plate of beans wrapped in huge tortillas, all covered in thick savory red sauce.

    my husband ordered the vegan tofu, potato, and mushroom burrito which could feed a small country for just over $5. on my next visit to pokez, this is definitely what i’m getting, as it was by far the best thing on the table. not only was it enormous, but the filling was fucking unbelievable. seasoned tofu, chunky potatoes, and succulent mushrooms….everything about it was phenomenal!

    vegan tofu, potato, and mushroom burrito. $5.25

    pokez is unique in the fact that for a very vegan-friendly restaurant, they don’t use any fake meat or fake cheese. i usually believe that vegan cheese can only make mexican food better, but this
    really isn’t the case with pokez. you see the food is SO DAMN GOOD, that adding anything else would only detract from its awesomeness.

    don’t fuck with perfection, as they say. just ask this dude.

    did i mention travis barker works at pokez?

    if you live in LA, you seriously need to plan a trip down to san diego JUST to eat at pokez. i mean it, the food really is that special.

    947 E St
    (between 10th Ave & 9th Ave)
    San Diego, CA 92101
    (619) 702-7160

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  • As much as I like Pokez, I prefer the food at Ranchos even tho it’s an omni restaurant.

  • Thank you for reminding me that I need one last visit to Pokez before I move!

  • Cool, now I know where to go for vegan-Mex in SD. Marvelous and very appetizing photos as usual also, thanks for the review!! 😀

  • Oh, I typed in my email address incorrectly above, that’s why my avatar disappeared momentarily!! Carry on.

  • Ahh, so cool that you reviewed this place. I was in SD for work and so short on time, this place saved me. And the price was right for the crappy state of CA perdiem joke they affort us!

  • I lived in SD for awhile and Pokez was my favorite place to eat. I love the burrito your husband got but my all time favorite thing from there are the vegan fajitas… They bring them out from the kitchen still smoking in the best sauce EVER! A must try for anyone who goes there!

  • I love Pokez! My favorite place to eat in San Diego. Once you get you use to the sassy staff, all is well.

  • this place f’ing rules. i lived down there too and couldn’t get enough.

    somehow, pokez is able to get a lardy taste in their beans…flavors i’m not used to in vegan mexican food.

    one of my all-time favorites!!!

  • This place looks soooooooooo shady! Why would anyone even think about entering? Really, just look at the pic of the proprietor.

  • i want to shove all of this in my FACE. and a chimichanga.

  • I didn’t know having tattoos hindered one’s ability to cook or serve food.

  • Cool! I never did figure out what there is to eat in the Gaslamp when I’m there for Comic Con.

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  • Pokez has the most fantastic food! I have been going there for fifteen years and the food quality has never changed. Actually I don’t think the prices have either. I live in LA now but EVERY time I go to visit my family we all drive down to Pokez. My sis lives in NY and she even thinks it’s #1. Plus, if you ever get a chance to visit with the owner… he is wonderful too.

  • Laurie Kriger

    Actually, Rancho’s has the best vegan Mexican food in San Diego. The owner is a long time vegan…mostly raw fooder. They have two locations…Ocean Beach and Northpark. Their kitchen is much cleaner than Pokez.

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