• the el dorado: veggie grill’s secret off-menu item

    May 10th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, veggie grill

    veggie grill has officially joined the ranks of cool fast food chains by offering a “secret” off-menu item that you have to be “in the know” to order.

    the company has been dropping hints about the new “el dorado” via twitter, with a more official announcement recently on facebook. the thing looked so damn good, and of course i had to go check it out…

    the el dorado: v-cheeseburger, caramelized onions, and jalapenos. wickedly good.

    el dorado, which means “the golden one” in spanish, is basically a glorified v-burger with a ton of added messy deliciousness. it comes with a gardein patty stacked on a toasted whole wheat bun, completely smothered in daiya cheese sauce with a mound jalapenos and caramelized onions. to say this thing is tasty would be an understatement—it’s absolutely fucking ridiculous! something about the way the sweet onions mix with the runny cheese and meaty gardein, all followed up with a huge kick of heat from the jalapenos. it’s perfect.

    i’ve tried several items off veggie grill’s menu, and this is definitely my favorite to date. so head over to your nearest VG location and ask confidently for the “el dorado.” if you like big sloppy burgers with tons of flavor, you won’t be disappointed.

    also be sure to follow @veggiegrill on twitter, so you’ll always be in the loop!

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  • This looks amazing. I shall get one at lunchtime.

  • Put that in my mouth, I need one!

  • Damn you for putting me in the know! “Hi, yes Veggie Grill? Would you like the contents of my wallet today or later in the week?”

  • still haven’t had time to get this one, been waiting…. this week!

  • YES PLEASE… getting this asap!

  • I had been wondering what the El Dorado might be. Thanks for the heads-up quarrygirl.com 😉 Can’t wait to try it. I am totally salivating just looking at the pictures!

  • I’d like to try that!! (Minus the jalapenos. I hate black pepper, red pepper, jalapenos and overly spicy stuff like that.)

  • nice! i noticed one sandwich has onion rings on it, but onion rings aren’t something you can order as a side.

    so i’ve been requesting onion rings on my burgers lately…yum!

    i didn’t know they had jalepenos!

  • EricM – let’s take it even further: I propose a campaign to have ONION RINGS added to the menu as a standalone item alongside sweet potato fries and kale!

  • Is that what the patties are? Gardein? I always did wonder.

    As for spiciness, the jalapenos surprisingly were not a problem for me. It was really not a painful burger to eat.

  • I order onion rings as a side. It’s usually 3 for a dollar. I’ve asked for them to be on the menu but it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen. Maybe if there’s enough of us requesting it, it will. They are so damn good.

    Now to try the El Dorado!

  • Wait, so what else is on their secret menu?

  • This looks GREAT! So much flavor. How about a portabello mushroom in place of the veggie burger??

  • I’m with you on that suggestion, VeganInLA!! Onion rings, hold the ketchup (not a ketchup fan)

  • “How about a portabello mushroom in place of the veggie burger??”

    How about NO 😛

  • SandwchOrSalad?

    It’s really torture deciding whether to get the Nachos, El Dorado or All Hale Kale w/tempeh. They now have a Thai chicken salad that needs to be tasted. There is nothing I don’t like about this place but after 20+ visits I finally had my one and only bad experience. My friend & I sat in the patio tonight to enjoy the nice coastal weather. A Veggie Grill employee parked near the eating area, got into her car, and let it run for like 10-15 mins. After a while, we motioned for her to turn off the engine as we were gagging on the fumes. The other diners also were irritated but she was talking on the cell pretending to ignore us. I kept motioning for her to turn the engine off and then she she flipped us off as she drove away. Nice attitude from a Veggie Grill employee.

  • Just wanted to comment on the “secret menu” aspect. Last year, I had to go to a restaurant called Boardwalk Billy’s. NOTHING on their menu was vegan. Come to find out, they had a whole secret menu of all kinds of vegetarian/vegan foods. Why don’t they just have those items on the regular menu? I don’t get it. Anyways, just thought I should mention it because some restaurants actually do have vegetarian options even if they aren’t listed on the menu.

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