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    May 7th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, smokin' willie's

    you wouldn’t think that a bbq place called smokin’ willie’s would have any vegan options at all, let alone a damn delicious one.

    however LA’s brand new food truck has clearly marked vegan tacos on their menu for just 2 bucks a pop, and these little babies are tasty as hell.

    i hit up smokin’ willie’s yesterday, and at first i was a bit skeptical of the tacos’ veganocity. however, i was quickly put at ease by the extremely friendly staff who were happy to tell me all the ingredients. seriously, the people who work at smokin’ willie’s are so genuinely nice, even if the food wasn’t that great, i’d want to go back. good news is, the food is that great…so i know i will be a regular.

    the vegan taco comes with a generous amount of cubed tofu drenched in a deliciously tangy homemade bbq sauce, all topped off with cool and refreshing vegenaise-based slaw. this thing is super messy, pretty big for $2, and has tons of flavor packed into each bite. next time i’m at smokin’ willie’s, i’m gonna make a meal of it and get 3 of these tacos. yum.

    smokin’ willie’s also offers a vegan side of baked beans, which i will be sure to try out next time. though the truck doesn’t have a huge number of vegan options, they make up in quality what they lack in quantity. the tacos are so good!

    be sure to hit up this little bbq truck next time you have a chance. let’s support their choice to cater to vegans. thanks, smokin’ willie’s!

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