• frappy happy hour! 1/2 price frappuccinos at starbucks!

    May 7th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, starbucks

    want delicious, sugary, vegan drinks at half the price?! read on!

    although we gave you sneak peek of it mid last month, it appears that starbucks’ new vegan frappucinos are finally here in full force! the company has even created a campaign around their new beverage base, calling it the “new however you want it frappucino!” this is important to vegans, because now instead of the the pre-made milk base, we can get our drinks made with soy and a variety of vegan-friendly add ins.

    new vegan frappuccinos at starbucks

    to push the new frapps, from now through may 16th, you can go to “happy hour” at participating starbucks between 3 and 5 p.m., and enjoy a frappuccino blended bevarage half-price! check out the promotion page here to see which stores are taking part.

    to find out which drinks are vegan-friendly, check out veggywood’s blog for a complete list of frappuccino ingredients! a big thanks to her for tracking this info down and making our lives easier. no-brainer non-vegan ingredients that you need to stay away from are whipped cream, the light base, and caramel sauce.

    now let’s go get drunk on frappuccinos!

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  • just helping us all get fat and caffinated. 🙂

  • hi! this is awesome, i love lighter tasting frapps. I was wondering, what is the drink pictures above farthest to the left. It looks great!

  • miss anthrope

    @chris: i’m pretty sure that’s a caramel frapp w/ no whip or caramel sauce on top!

  • so the carmel base is vegan but the sauce isnt?

  • I still haven’t tried a vegan drink like this yet, I must try one soon as possible. They look great in the photo 🙂

  • I work at Starbucks and am so glad we can finally drink these! That’s right, the caramel drizzle is NOT vegan, but the caramel syrup IS. 🙂

  • I was surprised when I was told they blended the new drinks in “milk” containers – I was told they do not have separate “soy” containers for blending. Anyone know different?

  • Wow, how many times do we have to go over this on this blog? YES there is a separate blender for the soy drinks. IT’S PINK. Yes, the caramel syrup is vegan. NO the light base and whip cream are not. Did you people even read the previous thread and the consumerist article and like every other vegan source on the planet?

    Let’s stop asking the same questions over and over.

  • Wow – sorry to have bothered you!

  • So the whip cream is vegan?!?

  • concerned vegan

    The coffee beans at starbucks are not all fair trade certified. Thus even though they carry one bean that is, by buying their products you are supporting unfair practices.

  • Concerneder Vegan

    Those straws aren’t vegan. Bugs got run over by the trucks that drove them to the store from the manufacturing plant.

  • I had one these for half price today and I loved it

  • The comments on this blog are hysterical! I always check back, and they rarely disappoint!

  • concerned vegan

    dont mock, be informed.

  • ^ I agree, the comments are often pretty hilarious 😀

  • hey concerned vegan,

    the fairtrade thing really bothers me as well. i’m so glad you brought it up.

  • hey linda,

    don’t listen to todd. he sounds like a jerk.

  • Can we all just agree that a happy hour at starbucks is not a happy hour anyway and get on with it? haha

  • What exactly is in the light base that isn’t vegan? It doesn’t say on the ingredient list that Veggywood posted. At my Starbucks the barista told me the light base was vegan.

  • miss anthrope

    from veggywood’s blog (see at the bottom where it says contains milk):
    Light Coffee Frappuccino Syrup (US version): Water, sugar, Erythritol (E968), Natural Flavors, Salt, Carageenan (E407), Xanthan Gum (E415), Maltodextrin, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate (E202), Citric Acid (E330), Reb A, Color: Caramel (E150d, E150b)
    Contains Milk & Gluten!

  • Yes I saw milk at the bottom of the list but I was wondering which ingredient on the list has the milk in it.

  • FYI-It’s totally fine if you’d rather drink fair trade to be sure, but saying just because it’s *not* fair trade certified that it’s absolutely unfair to the farmers is too much of an assumption.

    Say what you will about Starbucks (commercial, overpriced, etc), but they have a history of treating their farmers really well, helping build the communities of the farmers, and generally being good corporate citizens. So ragging on their coffee practices is not a place you should begin your being worried.

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