• vegan mexican food with DAIYA at hugo’s tacos!

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    the daiya revolution is in full swing, and the latest restaurant to hop on board is hugo’s. both the upscale eatery and the taco stand of the same name have adopted the revolutionary vegan cheese, and the result is some damn delicious food.

    i hit up the taco stand yesterday and tried a whole slew of vegan offerings, all with daiya cheese, and they did not disappoint!

    hugo’s tacos is incredible, and if you haven’t been there yet…you are missing out. there are two locations in LA, one in atwater village and one in north hollywood, and when you order you can have your pick of several mexican dishes including tacos, burritos and tostadas with a faux meat option and even vegan cheese as well. up until yesterday they were using follow your heart as the vegan cheese, but now that they’ve switched to daiya, the food is even more incredible.

    nacho grande (vegan): Freshly made tortilla chips topped with your choice of filling, choice of salsa, daiya cheese, topped with a dollop of guacamole. $5.92

    here we have the vegan nachos with daiya, pure melty yumminess. these freshly made tortilla chips come with your choice of filling (i opted for soyrizo, potato and zucchini), guacamole, beans, and cheese. just be sure to specify that you want them made vegan, and hugo’s will hook you up!

    next up, we have the vegan taquitos with daiya cheese and a side of chips. ridiculously decadent, deep-fried goodness…

    vegan taquitos: soy chorizo/potato/zucchini rolled in corn tortillas served on a bed of white organic beans. Topped with shredded lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo, tomatillo sauce and daiya cheese. $5.92

    the tostada is excellent as well, a crispy corn shell topped with filling, beans, lettuce, guacamole and salsa. i ordered it with soyrizo and jalapeno tomatillo sauce, and it was da bomb.

    vegan tostada: two crispy corn tortillas topped with choice of filling, organic white beans, lettuce, daiya cheese, guacamole, and choice of salsa. $5.92

    lastly, if you are in the mood for a slightly lighter meal, check out the bowl. this comes with your choice of filling, salsa, lettuce, organic rice, white beans, cheese, and guac. have it made vegan, and you will never look back!

    the bowl: Choice of filling, choice of salsa, lettuce, organic Spanish rice, organic white beans, daiya cheese and onion & cilantro, topped with a dollop of guacamole. $5.92

    the food at hugo’s tacos is pure awesome, and i can’t even believe we have a goddamn TACO STAND that caters to vegans with a soy meat and fake cheese option. i mean, come on, we are getting spoiled! my only gripe about this place would be that they use italian blend daiya rather than cheddar….i just think orange cheese would suit the nachos a little better. other than that, hugo’s tacos is perfect, and you NEED to check them out.


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  • I think the taco stand/restaurant is actually Studio City, not NoHo, no? Mmmm Hugo’s.

  • Looks good, but why the Italian blend Daiya instead of the Cheddar?

  • I just went to the Atwater Hugo’s and everything tasted even better than I remembered. I was delighted when I saw my non-vegan friend’s jaw literally drop open when she tasted the chocolate Frozato. It is delish!

  • i went to the hugo’s in studio city yesterday and had the new american veggie burger w/ daiya. i didn’t think it was possible for that thing to taste any better but it DID!

  • Finally!

  • ok, sacreligious, but I actually preferred the other cheese on the Hugo’s stuff. Either way, it’s 10/10.

  • I’m pretty obsessed with the vegan nachos at this place. So good!! 😀

  • Oh, this is such great news! I am so glad they switched from that nasty ass FYH. Seriously thouh, mozzeralla on Mexican food is kind of weird.

  • White cheeses are way more traditional in Mexican cuisine (cotija, queso blanco, quesillo)…maybe they’re trying to imitate that.

  • I think the Daiya Italian blend tastes a bit like I remember jack cheese and often enjoy it on Mexican food at home. I don’t think it’s very mozzarella-y. I think of it more as a generic (but delicious) mild white.

  • Don’t forget the Frozato!!!!!!

  • LOVE Hugo’s Tacos, LOVE the never-ending domino rally of vegan options in this town, but for the life of me cannot understand the Daiya LOVE beyond it’s meltability. The stuff tastes WEIRD. I’ve read the ingredients, I’m happy it’s all natural, but it tastes like CHEMICALS. Why?

    And +1 on the Frozato.

  • I don’t where you say Daiya “tastes like chemicals”. If Daiya tastes like chemicals, FYH cheese tastes like radioactive waste.

  • Realizing that I’m in the distinct minority, I’m a bit sad about this, as I prefer FYH.

  • Totally subjective, Gregalor, but that’s how it tastes to me.

    Never went for FYH either. DO like the cashew ‘cheese’ at RFD.

    Guess I’m a flavor over texture vegan cheese guy.

  • The white daiya cheese tastes the best to me. The orange flavor has a slightly odd small and flavor. I think sheese still has it beat for flavor.hugos is amazing. I go to the studio city locations at least twice a week. The only negative is the taco stand screws up the order at least 50% of the time.

  • I think the Italian blend has a weird fruity taste. The “cheddar” tastes like Cheetos–that’s meant as a compliment.

  • The daiya cheddar also makes a mean grilled cheese sammich.

  • Went here last Sunday. They were out of Daiya, the kid taking orders had no clue what he was doing, wasn’t able to answer any questions, didn’t know what vegan meant, etc. After I slugged my way through the order he finally had to call another guy over (he was trying to push meats on me and I asked, “wait, do you have a fake meat carne asada??”) who then informed me “Oh, we’re out of the Daiya.” I didn’t get anything at that point, and my gf was very disappointed in her burrito (she’s into real cheese).

  • I made a return and they had Daiya. I may try something else on the menu if I go back, but the burrito wasn’t very good. Dry, kind of tasteless. I was bummed.

  • The wife and I ate at Hugo’s Tacos for lunch yesterday…She had tacos with Soyrizo, guac and Daiya. I had the Soyrizo burrito with Daiya, guac etc.

    Honestly we weren’t impressed. The girl taking orders spoke very little English, looked at me confused when I was verifying that everything was vegan and had to call another person over to understand what to do. We took the food home and my burrito was pretty tasteless, and I thought they forgot to add the Daiya, until I got to the end of the burrito to find a 1/3 of a cup of it all by itself….pffft.

    To top it off….the wife and I got the runs a couple hours after we ate there. Hugo’s Taco’s was the only place we ate the same food from yesterday, so we are pretty sure that is what hit us.

    Kinda bummed me out since I have eaten there many times and never had an issue.

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