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    May 1st, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), norfolk

    hey everyone, time for another vegan field report from norfolk, virginia! this one (just like the last one) was written by steve….so i’ll let him take it away:

    Okay, you REALLY have to bear with me on this one. In Norfolk, VA one of the most interesting vegan restaurants is actually a place called “San Antonio Sam’s“. It’s a no-apologies Texas Grill, with pictures of cowboys on horses rounding up cattle on its website, as well as all sorts of awfully un-vegan food offerings on its menu.

    I was taken there by a friend, and almost refused to go in judging by the very meaty-looking exterior only to be pleasantly surprised, even amazed at the vegan delights that lay within. Basically, the chef had decided to create a full-on vegan menu in Tex/Mex style to serve alongside his highly popular omni dishes. The result is an absolutely superb 28 item A la Carte menu (everything from burritos and tacos to Philly cheesesteak sandwiches) as well as a week-day “all you can eat” vegan-friendly buffet.

    And by vegan, I’m not talking about a menu that leaves things out, but a menu that adds things in, mixes things up and generally does a superb job on all fronts. Sam’s was one of the first places in Norfolk to bring in Daiya cheese, and has combined it with Gardein in some of the most interesting ways I’ve ever tasted.

    On my first visit to Sam’s, I was fresh off an airplane. Completely famished, I honestly would have been happy with a vegetable sandwich or a bowl of french fries; so imagine how delighted I was when the waiter brought me a mouth-watering plate of vegan spinach enchiladas with re-fried beans and sauteed vegetables. The dish wasn’t just thrown together either, it was baked in a casserole dish and covered with Daiya (the best vegan cheese on the market). It’s hard enough finding restaurants in big cities that serve Daiya, how did I get so lucky on my first eating adventure in Nor(where the)folk(am I) Virginia?

    In fact, I liked Sam’s so much on my first visit for dinner I went back again the following day to try out the buffet which is offered Monday through Thursday, and boasts a huge selection of vegan items. From vegan meats like Gardein and Boca Burger…

    To both varieties of Daiya vegan cheese…

    To vegan-friendly mexican staples like rice, beans, and enchilada sauce!

    Basically, San Antonio Sam’s has all you can want from a vegan buffet and more. I filled my plate 3 times with warm tortillas, soy protein, vegan cheese and hot sauce for only $7.99. Well worth it.

    When in Norfolk Virginia, be sure to stop by San Antonio Sam’s at least once. You wouldn’t think it from the outside, but it really gives most vegan-friendly restaurants a run for their money.

    San Antonio Sam’s
    1501 Colley Ave
    Norfolk, VA 23517
    (757) 623-0233

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  • vegan taco bar?!

  • Da Data Monkey

    Sometimes the meat places do the best food! Great review. Ta! 🙂

  • Daiya saves lives!!!!”

  • I love Steve’s reviews so far. Keep it up!

  • Thanks for the review. I am far too lazy to travel however if I ever find myself in Norfolk Virgina for some reason I will know just where to go!!

  • I love field reports! So happy I discovered this blog, I love it.

  • ^ Yea this blog is spectacular. The attached forum is also quite cool, you can post questions and ask things and discuss stuff. I will also recommend http://www.sickoflettuce which also has very nice (honest/helpful) reviews of vegan food in Los Angeles.

  • Dare I say it, this is the best and most extensive vegan blog in the country. Norfuck what the folk!

  • Isn’t Norfolk, VA where PETA’s headquartered? It doesn’t surprise me that they have awesome vegan food there!

  • “Isn’t Norfolk, VA where PETA’s headquartered”


  • “I filled my plate 3 times”…

    A vegan buffet for only $7.99? Not to brag, but I could had done a lot better than three measly plates!

  • Shit. We need a sams in LA!!!

  • I’m not a vegan but their vegan food is really good.

  • I read this post about san antonio sams and just had to go there. We put it in our gps and off we went. It looks just as described. The food amazing. Unfortunatly they are closing thier doors on July 5 2011. I am glad we got a taste and sad to see it go.

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