• whole foods update: some vegan brands are back!

    April 21st, 2010quarrygirlnews, other

    just a quick update on the “vegan brands being pulled from whole foods drama“:

    as of now, select vegan brands like kookie karma, rawk-n-roll, tomberlies, and lydia’s organics appear to be under new distribution and are back on the shelves at whole foods! brands such as a taste of life, rahel’s, euphoria loves rawvolution, and cru are still missing.

    let’s hope whole foods starts stocking these other brands ASAP. oh, and be sure to check out the back story here.


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  • Oh I love rawk n roll!

  • Wholte Foods in El Segundo and Torrance never removed Kookie Karma.

  • Cool to hear this, thanks for the update!!

    QG, I stopped in Meet Market on Sunset today for my vegan cupcake fix and Miranda was there, I hadn’t ever met her before. She said very cool things about you.

    I wish I had made a better impression though. I was coming from dance practice so I was in rehearsal clothes and very sleepy and bad hair day under hood sweatshirt with huge sunglasses, so I looked like a hoodlum. Hehe.

    Anyways, she was really nice! I must pick up a proper lunch from Flore one of these days.

  • Our kookies were not pulled from Whole Foods – Just an FYI! We sell direct to them and are in good standing 😉

    Sad though, right? About Vegan Traders? I can’t wait until everything is back on shelves soon.


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