• Peking Palace: Vegan buffet in Holloway, London

    April 18th, 2010mr meanerlondon, more restaurants (not LA)

    The UK is littered with Chinese restaurants called “Peking Palace”. There were two in the small town I grew up in, and one a few feet away from my house in London. Although they’re not related to each other as some kind of chain, the menus are almost all the same as are the red flock wallpaper and white tablecloth interiors. Back when I was a vegetarian, the only “safe” thing to eat at one of these types of restaurants was steamed white rice – even vegetable dishes and noodles were made with chicken stock.

    On my last trip home, though, I was delighted to discover the best Peking Palace of them all, nestled on busy Holloway Road in north London. Proudly adorning a “100% Pure Vegetarian” banner on the outside, Peking Palace is actually entirely vegan, as it’s one of the Supreme Master locations in London.

    We hit up Peking Palace one lunchtime on a typically dull winter day and gorged ourselves silly on the all you can eat offerings.

    The buffet consisted of twelve different items including two kinds of rice and noodles.

    While some of the dishes were your typical greasy Chinese stir fries, there were plenty of fresh steamed vegetables on hand (the broccoli spears were outstanding) and there was one yellow curry dish with mock chicken that was really tasty (complete with fresh chillies).

    Peking Palace does a la carte dining in the evenings, and has a large menu of entirely vegan options. The location is very convenient – a five minute walk from Archway tube, which is just a couple of stops away from Kings Cross on the Northern Line.

    As with all Supreme Master Cult locations, the staff are very friendly and smiley and will go out of their way to accommodate. Oh, and unlike most all you can eat places they will allow you to fill up a container for carry out, which is awesome if you either work in the area or want to take something home for dinner later. This stuff microwaves up perfectly!

    For vegans in London, Peking Palace is a convenient destination if Supreme Master is your thing!

    Peking Palace
    669 Holloway Road
    London N19 5SE, United Kingdom
    020 7281 5363

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  • I don’t quite get the whole Supremem Masters thing, but their website’s heaven to anyone who likes to experiment with food! I was looking for a good vegan version of Mooncakes for about a year (the flaky kind, not the snowsking mooncakes), with absolutely no luck, and lots of translation difficulties. Then I found Supreme master’s little cooking shows, and not only had an authentic Chinese recipe with visual demonstration, but a strictly vegan one! Although some of the recipes on that site likely would cause sugar-induced comas.

  • That looks pretty cool.

  • This place gets all their fake meat from Taiwan and look identical to the foods you tested that you found had egg/meat etc in them.

    I’ve contacted the supplier asking if they can guarantee there are no animal products in the food and if they are aware of problems in the past several times and just been ignored.

  • I thought one of the whole points of Operation Pancake was that they were changing the Taiwanese labeling laws as of last year sometime. Right?

    This food looks great!

  • Wait a minute, you tested food and it had meat in it? I must have missed that in the report. I thought you just tested for egg and dairy.

  • If you google these companies from Taiwan, they found that some fake meats even had meat in them. Quarry Girl didn’t test for meat as I imagine they never thought there would be meat in fake meat!

    I’d be interested to know if these companies have managed to change their recipes to not have egg/dairy in when they seem to look exactly the same.

  • Heard from my friend in London who frequents Peking Palace that they will be closing soon. Was only there once, but I loved it 🙁

  • We also have some nice Chinese, vegetarian restaurants in NYC. I’m not a big faux meat fan, but I do appreciate the ‘art’ of it for meat eaters.

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