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    kay ‘n daves is a laid back mexican cantina with three locations in los angeles, and a large selection of vegetarian entrees. they take pride in their fresh ingredients, lard-free kitchen, and oaxacan-inspired healthy cuisine. oh, and they also happen to have tap beer…so of course, we had to check them out.

    we hit up kay ‘n dave’s in culver city recently, and they scored a perfect 3 out of 3: the food was a good value, everything tasted great, and the service was quick and friendly. it all started off with the complimentary chips and salsa…

    chips 'n salsa

    at lots of mexican places, chips and salsa can be pretty disappointing; sometimes the chips are stale, or the salsa is too runny, etc. not these babies! the chips were crispy and and tasted freshly cooked, and the salsa was chunky with just the right amount of heat. they also came with a small dish of pickled carrots and chilies, which really hit the spot.

    vegan garden burrito: filled with spinach, mushrooms, onions & tomatoes, covered in tomatillo sauce, garnished with guacamole. $10.95

    for our first entree, we ordered the garden burrito off of the vegetarian menu, and made it vegan by omitting the cheese and sour cream. although it was a little pricey at $10.95, the thing was enormous—too big for one person to eat. it was filled to the brim with beans, rice, and succulent vegetables including spinach, mushrooms, and onions…then smothered in a spicy delicious sauce.

    of course the burrito was so huge it could only be eaten with a knife and fork, and oh man it was soooo good.

    veggieladas: spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes & onions, with rice and black beans. $9.95

    for our next entree, we had the “veggieladas”, which i’m pretty sure are vegan by default. they come with 2 corn tortillas filled with a spinach, mushroom, tomato and onion mixture on a plate of rice and black beans. like the burrito, this plate was massive and definitely very filling. my favorite thing about both the dishes we ordered would have to be the flavorful green tomatillo sauce—it went down perfectly and made everything it touched taste better.

    the vibe at kay ‘n daves is super chill as well; it’s open and airy with loads of large tables and a long bar. it wasn’t too crowded when we were there at around noon, but i hear it can get packed at happy hour. either way, it’s a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy a few beers and some tasty vegan mexican food. be sure to check it out!

    kay ‘n dave’s

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  • Cool review!! I must go here and also to Cinnamon and the other places mentioned in “related posts.”
    So far the only vegan Mexican thing I’ve tried are the vegan nachos at Hugo’s in Atwater. And those were so good!

  • I LOVE Kay ‘n Dave’s! I always get a vegetarian plate that’s awesome, but I’m so excited that they have vegan-friendly burritos and enchiladas now. I’ll definitely give those a try. YUM!

  • westside veggie

    i go to the palisades location, it is good. but they do fry their chips in the same oil as meat, so be careful…

  • I’m really not a huge fan of the food at Kay N Daves…its too expensive for regular old Mexican. However their happy hour drinks are awesommmee. Delish margs for 3 bucks. I highly recommend it!

  • Looks yummy! Too bad there isn’t one in the Pittsburgh area!

  • This place is ok for me in a pinch, but it’s too meaty for me to feel good about on a regular basis.

    I suggest it if I’m with meat-eating friends, but I never go there on my own.

    Also a little bland for my tastes…rice and beans, in particular.

  • shame on that rice for making an appearance in a “mexican” restaurant. it should be embarrassed of itself.

  • Trish! Rice is the 2nd most common grain in Mexico next to corn, introduced in 1520 by the Spainish (according to wikipedia).

    I used to love Kay’n Daves. The perfect place for a “mixed” casual lunch. “Mixed” as in you have to eat with corpse lockers.

    I’m still going back and forth with them to create or identify a healthy selection!

  • dude my daddy came to cali straight from mexico with a seriously wet ass back. i understand rice has a place in a mexican restaurant. just not *that* rice 🙂

  • what exactly about this food is indicative of Oaxacan cuisine?

  • really the best thing about this place is happy hour when they have one dollar tacos and cheap margaritas.

  • I agree with trishells that “rice” does not belong there with the veggieladas. Not mexican at all.

    $1 tacos??!! heading over ASAP!

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