• another reason to eat at pizza fusion hollywood

    April 10th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, pizza fusion

    pizza fusion is awesome. it’s the only place i can think of in LA where i can relax with some friends and eat daiya-covered pizza, while enjoying beer after beer on draught. as if that isn’t reason enough to head over there ASAP, now the hollywood location is offering some amazing giveaways in honor of “earth month,” to provide some extra incentive…

    throughout april, every time you eat at pizza fusion hollywood, you enter to win a slew of incredible prizes which include: a trip to a sustainable winery ($3,000 value), a trip to an organic brewery ($3,000 value), and a year supply of organic produce! check out the flyer below (i edited to omit some dairy, i know you wouldn’t want to win that).

    so head on over to pizza fusion hollywood as many times as you can this month, and please take me with you if you win the brewery trip!!

    spinach and artichoke: sautéed spinach, roasted artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, tomato sauce, vegan chicken, daiya cheese.

    while you are there, i would highly recommend the spinach and artichoke pizza, made vegan with added faux chicken. it’s my favorite pizza fusion pie yet. oh, and you MUST enjoy it with a glass of beer. i hear they’ve even got a new vegan-friendly IPA on tap.

    pizza fusion hollywood
    7950 W. Sunset Blvd.
    Suite 104
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
    Phone: 323-375-3390

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  • Must try this out. I finally had vegan nachos for the first time the other day (from Hugo’s in Atwater) but I still haven’t tried vegan pizza yet.

  • Matt Malmquist

    Just tried Cruzer Pizza for the first last week. You’re right about the Daiya cheese, it’s awesome. What’s your recommended pairing of beer with the faux chicken pizza, that IPA?

  • Gauri, if you have the time to make your own pizza, this recipe was pretty good http://www.veganhappyhour.com/?p=90
    but then you miss out on the whole beer on tap thing. Any vegan pizza places in Orange County?

  • ^ Thanks so much for the recipe link!!

  • Please ignore this post, I’m just testing to see if my Gravatar icon shows up next to my name, it doesn’t seem to be working on QG blog or Sick-Of-Lettuce today for some reason.

  • DUDES! I want to win a brewery trip, so i will buy pizza at pizza fusion. and beer.

  • You guys are BEYOND presumptuous to say eating meat is wrong. Dont tell me mother nature made a mistake and the FOOD CHAIN is wrong-bzzt! It is as it was INTENDEDa to be, YOU are wrong to accuse those of us who eat meat as being ‘murdurers’-you have some deep psychological issues apparently…you are incorrect. It is NOT murder to eat meat! you are all delusional. I dont criticize your way of life, but dont you dare for one second believe that you know better than mother nature. We are designed to eat BOTH meat and vegetables for a REASON. (Many of you end up taking ‘suppliments’ and untold vitamins to make up for the lack of nutrients your body needs from meat.) If you CHOOSE to live that way, go for it, but saying its ‘wrong’ otherwise, is simply clueless and inane on your part–look at the BIG picture of life, reality, and nature. The food chain is RIGHT and CORRECT, and we ARE a part of it.

  • Blastard has obviously been eating the products of murder… his/her aggression is way up.

  • The HOLLYWOOD location, according to a menu we received in the mail as well as confirmation from an employee over the phone, now has a pizza crust that is BOTH vegan AND gluten-free! FINALLY! So glad we can now call them for delivery again!

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