• vegan cheesy scalloped potatoes with daiya

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    i have made about a million recipes to date with daiya cheese, and so far this is my favorite.

    vegan cheesy potatoes made with daiya

    this was adapted from a recipe my mom used to make all the time when i was a kid, and the daiya made it taste just as good as i remember. i really never thought i’d get to eat these potatoes again, so i am beyond thrilled.

    recipe after the jump…

    russet potatoes (i think i ended up using about 10)
    3 cups or so of daiya shredded cheddar (more if you are a cheese fiend like me)
    1/2 to 3/4 cup of soy milk
    1 1/2 cups mushroom gravy (i used some stuff they were selling in the whole foods prepared foods section…but you could probably use any kind; or a vegan cream of mushroom soup)
    salt & pepper

    -slice the potatoes into thin round discs and par-boil them for 5 to 6 minutes. this is the tricky part, because you want to get the potatoes soft enough so they don’t have to spend as much time in the oven. this is an adaptation from the original recipe, because if daiya bakes too long—it isn’t pretty.
    -mix gravy and soy milk together over heat until they dissolve.
    -spray baking dish with cooking spray & drizzle a little of the gravy mixture over the bottom, then layer all remaining ingredients (potatoes, salt, pepper, sprinkle of flour, gravy mixture, cheese) & start over. do this for up to 3 layers.

    bake at 375, and keep checking on it until the daiya is nice and crispy on top. we ended up baking ours for around 40 minutes.

    when this thing is done, you end up with the creamiest, cheesiest potatoes imaginable….and totally vegan! the gravy gives it a really great mushroom flavor, and the flour makes it thick and saucy. i really love this recipe, and i think you will too.


    special thanks to my mom for the OG recipe.

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  • looks amaxing!

  • I’m far too lazy to cook but this makes me wish I wasn’t. Those look quite delicious!!

  • Damn you had me up until the flour. not gluten free. ;-(

  • That looks awesome. I wonder if it would help to broil them for 30 seconds to 1 minute after they’re cooked? The cheese looked like it could’ve used a bit more melting. That’s what I do with my vegan frozen pizzas and it works great.

  • YUM!!!!!

  • Vegan cheese doesn’t do well on top of dishes that I bake. It ends up not melted and dry. Maybe if I make it into a cheese sauce first.. hmmm….

  • how did you get the daiya to not be all slimey? whenever i put it on anything it just turns creamy and slimey. the same thing when i get it on pizza at Z pizza – slimey and creamy, not chewy and firm like real cheese.

  • Slimy? I eat the stuff fairly often and have never experienced slime. Maybe someone is replacing Daiya with slug juice. Surprise!

  • WOW! this looks soooooooooooooooooooooooo good! thanks for the recipe!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • looks so good! Will have to stop at clarks again to see if they’ve picked up the daiya yet!

  • Holy crap! I think this may be my “splurge meal” for the weekend. Looks absolutely amazing.

  • Looks Awesome, i’ve never bought Daiya to cook with for home, but this might be one dish worth it!!! Thanks!

  • Emily Huebsch

    Looks GREAT LollS!!! Miss and LOVE yoU!!! Hope to see you soon! 🙂

  • That looks so divine!

  • Looks too good to wait till later…going to have this for breakfast…Thank you QG!

  • I made this yesterday and really liked it. I couldn’t find any fresh gravy at Whole Foods so just nabbed the Tofurky stuff in the freezer they had and thawed that out. It was good, thanks for the recipe!

  • Made these as a side dish tonight. Fantastic! I love the way the Daiya cheese melts, but yet was crispy on top. I couldn’t find any fresh gravy either, Kenike, so I used some vegan portobello soup from WF, mixed with the soy milk and a little flour to thicken.

    I cut the recipe in thirds (except for the cheese!) and had plenty for 2 people with leftovers for tomorrow. Thanks for a great recipe.

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