• green truck goes ALL VEGAN! for one day.

    March 12th, 2010quarrygirlgreen truck, LA restaurants

    as you probably know, green truck is one of the original LA food trucks. years before all these other mobile vendors arrived on the scene, green truck was tweeting and serving up healthy, organic, and vegan-friendly fare to the los angeles community. the company has a strong focus on the environment, they use produce from local farmers and even power their vehicles with vegetable oil.

    although the green truck has been around forever, i never had the chance to try them until yesterday. they are usually based way over on the west side, but on thursday afternoon they decided to do a special stint in silverlake near the peta office on rowena. the green truck typically serves both meat and vegan options—but yesterday, aiming to please, they went all out and created an entirely animal-free menu for the event. of course i had to check it out.

    the peta menu was pretty awesome, featuring the truck’s standard vegan mother trucker burger, as well as a variety of wraps, plus soup, salad, and garlic fries. i hit up the truck with two of my friends, who both went for the mother trucker…

    the mother trucker: signature vegan burger made in house and topped with heirloom tomato, sprouts or mixed greens, topped with trucker sauce. $7

    i had a bite of this burger, and i must say i am a fan. the patty is thick and full of vegetables, and the beet-based sauce they put on it is excellent. next time i am gonna have to get a whole one of these to myself so i can describe it in full detail.

    south central farm vegan wrap: sauteed kale, heirloom beets, quinoa, tempeh, heirloom tomato and tahini dressing wrapped in fresh pickled mustard greens. $7

    wanting to take advantage of the special vegan menu, i ordered the south central farm wrap, which was made with freshly-picked, local, organic produce from a farm right here in los angeles. it consisted of a colorful variety of beets and tomatoes, fluffy quinoa, soft tempeh, and tahini, all wrapped up in mustard greens. i think it normally includes bell peppers (which i hate), but i made it pretty clear i didn’t want any of those. the wrap was great—light, delicious, and refreshing. my only complaint is it fell apart and got a little messy, but that’s no big deal. i covered this thing in the green truck’s homemade hot sauce, which made it even better!

    so don’t be like me and wait years to try the green truck. track it down next time it’s in your area and order the mother trucker. and if you ever hear about them being in silverlake near peta again, BE SURE TO GO! let’s support these guys for going 100% vegan, even if it’s only for one day.

    be sure to follow the green truck on twitter and check out their website for more info.

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  • Nice! I was going to the green truck in venice and in santa monica near my work, but i never see it anymore. the food was a good option for me (burger and the falafel).

    glad to see them embrace the vegan community!

  • Having nothing to do with the truck itself (to which I give a huge high five for going all vegan for a day!!!!!), have you seen the documentary “The Garden,” which is about the South Central community garden? It’s awesome and a cool glimpse into some interesting LA history.

  • That vegan wrap looks really good!

  • The Green Truck is right in front of my office quite often, and I’ve been curious…but never went for it. They were outside today, and your post pushed me to try it. I’m glad I did! The vegan burger is very good! A nice big veggie patty w/ the right amount of spice. I’ll definitely be eating there again!

  • I’ve always wondered what the Mother Trucker looks like. Looks pretty decent!

  • I used to love the Green Truck when I worked on the west side! they would come by my office around breakfast time and cook up some amazing tofu breakfast wraps.

  • Wow – that’s awesome! I love them!

  • I love beets! And green peppers 😉

  • Can anyone give an update? I saw on the site when this article was posted that they sell at various retail outlets, just the vegan burgers. Today it doesn’t say that on the site so I called and was met with a curt “Not at this time” and was hung up on. What? People I know you have had rave reviews and I am a willing customer but not now. I don’t care how great your product is if you treat me like that then I will go elsewhere and tell as many people about your bad attitude. So there, Green Truck, (sticking my tongue out hands on hips), see if I buy your wares. Conversely, I became a fan on facebook of Earth Cafe and was given a personal response thanking me for supporting them and how they appreciated my business! I am a fan for life.

  • I have to say.. I know the folks over at the Green Truck. They do not really know about consistent customer service and actually cook all their vegan food on the same grill as the nonvegan food and meat.

    I personally would not recommend Green Truck for serious vegans or people who truly care about organic food. Just a heads up.

    The idea of it is fantastic but the execution is far from it..

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