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    February 5th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, viet noodle bar

    today is one of those rare cold rainy days here in los angeles, and what better way to spend it than with a big bowl of warm comforting noodles? if that sounds like a plan, viet noodle bar is your place. the small minimalist asian cafe located in atwater village has long comfortable communal tables and a vegan-friendly menu. the service is friendly, the food is good, and they know what the word “vegan” means. i first learned about viet noodle bar from a positive review on cute and delicious, and after just one visit there i can tell you i’m a huge fan.

    jackfruit noodle bowl: jackfruit, fried tofu, rice crackers, and noodles. $8.50

    viet noodle bar has a couple clearly marked vegan items on their menu including a tofu banh mi and a tofu noodle bowl. they also have a jackfruit and tofu noodle bowl (pictured above), which the chef confirmed was vegan. as this place serves lots of dishes with fish sauce and mayo, i would urge you to be safe and re-iterate many times to your server that you are vegan. that’s what i did.

    anyways, about the noodle bowl…it was absolutely delicious. i was expecting it to be all liquidy and soupy, but it wasn’t. instead it was just a huge pile of soft, thick noodles covered in hunks of jackfruit and fried tofu. plus the crispy rice crackers, fresh cilantro and little bits of onion all added to the amazing combination of flavors. at only $8.50, this thing was way too much food for one person to eat—i was seriously filled to the brim just half way through it.

    if you want a big hot mess of tasty asian noodles for under 10 bucks, free of fish sauce, in a chilled out environment…well then definitely check out viet noodle bar. i know i am gonna make an excuse to go there next time i’m anywhere near silverlake.

    viet noodle bar
    3133 Glendale Blvd
    Los Angeles CA 90036
    323 906 1575
    Open Daily 11am to 10pm

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  • I must drive past this place all the time and I never knew it existed. And there is vegan stuff on the menu? I wonder how many other places I go by on a daily basis with hidden gems.

  • jackfruit + noodles = love

  • I must say, I love noodles and that looks effin jummy!!!
    I will try it 😀

  • I love the vibe of this place and it’s a great place to go when you’re going out with omnis–but I’m a little underwhelmed by the food. The vegan soup is extremely bland–the vegan pho at Pho Cafe is a zillion times better. I like the bahn mi but it”s nothing I couldn’t easily make at home. I’ll have to try the noodle bowl next time.

  • Great find, and you should try Hugo’s tacos down the street. Can’t wait to get the jackfruit.

  • Went and tried this today based on your suggestion. So yummy! I just wish they would marinate the jackfruit a bit. Oh well, still the best noodle dish I’ve had in LA. I will stick to to this and not bother with the bahn mi.

  • (and they know what the word “vegan” means) Racist!

  • @Scotty, how is that racist? oh my, it wasn’t meant to be! lots of omnivore places don’t know the difference between vegan and vegetarian. it has nothing to do w/ race…dude!

  • @scotty what’s that got to do with race? please explain… I’m confused as well. I spend half my time in restaurants telling people of all nationalities that I’m vegan and making sure they understand what I mean. Especially Americans!

  • i read it again, kk, you’re right.lol sorry.

  • Can’t wait to visit! Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Im working at Viet Noodle Bar. We now accept credit card ( used to take cash only) Its easier for everybody 🙂

  • i went here the other week and was surprised to find out after eating it several times that the jackfuit bowl was not vegan. At least that’s what our server said after noticing we were vegan. He seemed knowledgable about what vegan was to the extent to warn us…. There was something else he said was not vegan that would seem so from the menu (and even if you got the item) but i can’t remember what is was, and I can’t remembered for which each applied to but one had chicken stock in it and the other had mayonnaise in the peanut sauce? I wonder if they changed their recipes…

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