• sprinkles cupcakes is now vegan-friendly!

    January 25th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, sprinkles

    this is huge news for vegan cupcake lovers: as of today, the popular cupcake bakery sprinkles has added a vegan flavor to their menu! i stopped by today at 9am right when they opened to sample the new vegan treat, and whoa—-it was amazing.

    right now the only vegan flavor at sprinkles is red velvet: rich chocolate cake with a luscious cream cheese frosting. they are prominently displayed at the front of the case when you walk in and are even labeled “vegan.”

    having been a vegan for ages, i’ve never eaten a sprinkles cupcake before, but my omnivorous friends always rave about them. now i can see why this little beverly hills cupcakery is so popular—-this thing was off the chain. it was super moist and basically melted in my mouth. honestly one of the best cupcakes i’ve ever had!

    so get over to sprinkles and try out their vegan red velvet cupcake! maybe if they sell loads of them, they will add more vegan flavors to the menu. one can dream…

    sprinkles cupcakes
    9635 S Santa Monica Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    (310) 274-8765

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  • I’ve never had a Sprinkles cupcake before. Why do they have nipples?

  • I’m getting a bit fed up of all this cupcake stuff. WHY OH WHY are they such a big deal to vegans? Yes, I’ll eat the odd cupcake, but half the vegans in LA seem to make cupcakes and the other half seem to go nuts for them. I guess that’s a symbiosis of existence if ever I heard of one…

  • do they still have the Artie Lange cupcake these days?

  • Me again. I’m looking through this blog at thousands of pictures of cupcakes, and this one looks terrible. Like somebody slathered the topping on with no care. How can they possibly compete with the ones from Vegan Bake Sale?

    Look here: hhttp://archives.quarrygirl.com/2009/09/15/vegan-bake-sale-cupcake/

    Oh, and I’m not vegan bake sale, but Im kinda pissed that I’ve got sucked into this whole damn cupcake thing. I’m off to M Cafe now. No cupcakes there…. oh, wait a minute….

  • did you fact check the ingredients with them..cos those candies on top of the cupcake look like the ones on all their other cupcakes, which probably have ingredients in them that aren’t vegan…remember how dee’s donuts had sprinkles on top that you loved (and all of us did) and then it came out they had ingredients that were not vegan cos she didn’t know. and dee herself was a vegan, trying to do right by us vegans in LA with our gigantic sweet tooths..

  • @poifec: I love sprinkles and it is a great Beverly Hills option, but don’t get me wrong… vegan bake sale is better! And decorated prettier.

    @m and m: they said they were vegan, but I will follow up with an email to their website.

  • Mmmmm….cupcakes…..drool…..

    With a nipple on top? Better be some hot fudge under that thing.

  • I know Sprinkles is pretty expensive — how much did this cupcake cost? I’ll definitely be heading their way!

  • they totally made these cupcakes look like boobs on purpose.

  • Wow, I am definitely going tomorrow!

  • @A: sorry i should have mentioned: the cupcake was $3.25.

    well worth it, if you ask me. this is beverly hills! ha

  • Is that thing on top a candy? It looks like a band aid or some kind of plastic prop to hold up the top of a cardboard box like they put in the middle of a pizza.

    I only venture into BH every few years, but it’s good to know where you can eat.

  • i had one and it was the perfect birthday cupcake! thanks for letting us know; hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come.

  • I was curious if someone has asked if they are using vegan sugar?and what are they using instead of butter? The candies they use on their regular cupcakes are not vegan, are they using a different one? Just hoping these guys are doin it right!

  • My sister is a manager at the New Port Beach Sprinkles shop, and these cupcakes are definitely vegan. Why do commenters just come here and assume a company like Sprinkles (who gives generously to charity and uses eco-friendly packaging) would be dishonest about their ingredients?

  • All of the locations have these, right?

  • @melisser: yes, as far as i know!! wooo

  • Haha – I love that you got there right as they opened! I wish I could have made it by today, but I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the post!

  • This is exciting to know! Probably not going to make the trek out there for a cupcake, but it’s great to know that popular shops are making vegan options.

  • I went to the Sprinkles in Dallas yesterday and the employee told me (without me even asking) that the candy on top wasn’t vegan. Cupcake was delicious (even with the candy picked off).

  • i tossed the candy, it almost broke my tooth.

    just take it off if you want to be picky about the sugar. the point is a major cupcake chain is trying a vegan cupcake. show some support.

  • “just take it off if you want to be picky about the sugar.”

    I could be wrong, but I think one of Meg’s questions is: Are they using vegan sugar in the cupcake itself? The point about the candy on top was an additional question.

    It’s not being “picky,” IMO. Perhaps you eat sugar refined with bone char, but not all vegans do and the question is a legit one.

    Erin – Just because Sprikles gives to charity and uses eco-friendly packaging doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing in the vegan realm. The questions being raised are legitimate and are ones many vegans would want answered in any situation.

  • i have an email in to sprinkles and will let you know what i hear back.

  • Sprinkles is amazing! Just the fact that a mainstream, incredibly popular cupcake shop is recognizing the niche for vegan cupcakes is exciting! Yay!

  • Although it had too much frosting for me to handle, this was one tasty cupcake! I’m so glad I can now join in on the lunchtime sugar-rush adventures to Sprinkles with my office-mates. It’s not every day I can eat where (and what) they do! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for posting.

  • I just went over to sprinkles to try the vegan cupcake, and quarrygirl was right- it was delicious!! Finally, I can say I have eaten a Sprinkles cupcake ๐Ÿ™‚

  • OMG, this is like, the greatest news EV-AH!!!
    I think we need to have a cupcake double date!

  • Thee is a Sprinkles two blocks from my office and my co-workers go there all the time. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

  • The vegan cupcake at Sprinkles is a wonderful addition to their menu. It’s moist and very sweet, and you know it’s fresh! Usually, I’ll go to Locali for my cupcake cravings, but who knows how long that cupcakes have been in their fridge…. At least you know Sprinkles’ was made that day.

  • Kiss My Bundt on 3rd Street also has a very yummy vegan red velvet cake too.

  • just got this response back from sprinkles regarding the veganocity of the cupcakes and topping:

    “Thank you so much for thinking of Sprinkles for your blog! We are very
    excited about our vegan cupcakes! Our dye and decorations do not contain
    any carmine additives and they are both vegan. There is plant (not animal)
    gelatin in the our sugar decorations. With regards to bone char sugar, I’m
    currently looking into this!”

  • plant gelatin? that makes me skeptical, since that would make it pectin, not gelatin. in any case, looking forward to hearing more…and i could totally live without the candy bit on top so it’s not the biggest worry.

  • Picked one up the first day from the location in Newps and it was incredible! Total food orgasm.

    You uber-dogmatists will never allow veganism to reach the masses if you don’t support mainstream efforts at pleasing the vegan population. When I got mine everyone in the store started asking me why I was vegan and it was a great opportunity to educate.

    With that said, even if they are currently using bone-char sugar they’re obviously trying their best to please us and will change it after reading things like this blog, which never would’ve happened if no one tried the vegan cupcake out of fear of bone char sugar. So don’t hate, facilitate!

  • Yeah! The other day I ate a real steak because the guy who sold it to me said it was vegan. Don’t be jerks and question everyone! That’s why everyone hates us and will never like us.

  • “Plant gelatin” is probably agar or carrageenan. Any knowledgeable chef knows that gelatin and kosher gelatin aren’t vegan.

  • if you think this is good – do yourself a favor go to YUMMY in burbank or Santa Mon. don’t get me wrong…ill eat this as it isnt easy to get vegan sweets all over…altho these days, it kinda is and there is much better out there. likewise, counterchick was so happy i ordered this when i said “when is a new flavor coming?” she acted like getting this one flavor done was brain science. um, then how did ledas have 15 and YUMMY has like 40 vegan flavors? it isnt hard. really. over-rated cupcake for sure.

  • Well I had one today at the sprinkles in Stanford , palo alto CA n it was deelishh!!! The cake part was very moist n the icing had a hint of coconut oh n the ones here don’t have the circle (nipple) candy they have a V. Only thing was that it looked smaller then the regular red velvets ๐Ÿ™

  • I had one today and as a relatively new vegan, I can compare it to the original red velvet cupcake and I can honestly say I prefer the vegan one! It is made with coconut oil which makes it super moist and apparently tapioca/fava bean flour (which I’ve never heard of)but it’s delish so whatever ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Had a red velvet vegan cupcake at Sprinkles today and OH MY GOD!!!!! DELICIOUS! Yes, Yummy Cupcakes has awesome vegan cupcakes, too. It’s so much fun AND easy nowadays being a vegan. Thanks to all of the restaurants who are catering to vegans!

  • I was just looking at the Sprinkles website – all excited because my dairy allergy daughter could have a cupcake – but as i looked further – they actually use dairy! That’s not vegan!

  • i just looked they have one cupcake – if someone is allergic to gluten or eggs or dairy – then this is a no go. rather do babycakes any day

  • we should always look for eco-friendly products out there to help the environment.;;.

  • we must concentrate more on eco-friendly materials and practices to help save the environment..*`

  • The vegan cupcake is so delicious. Thanks, Sprinkles for thinking of vegans!

  • Wow. I read all the comments. As a one year vegan and 4 year vegetarian, it is not wonder people are turned off my vegan messages. Don’t attack everything that is new as “suspicious”. Sprinkles is doing a good thing. They are trying to bring a vegan cupcake into the mainstream baking in LA. I for one will go there this weekend. I read somewhere months ago that if vegans approach “additives” with the same hostile mentality that some approach meateaters, we are shooting ourselves in the foot. First, do no harm to animals. Try your best to get people to engage in conversations about WHY you don’t eat meat. Don’t attack them for eating it. Quarry girl. I love your blog. Thank you for all your hard work in keeping this community informed of wonderful new treats. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My boss bought Sprinkles for her employees and knowing that i’m vegan she bought me the vegan red velvet and i was in cupcake heaven! i have NEVER before in my entire life enjoyed a cupcake so much in my life! they are faar better than Babycakes cupcake because they are so rich and moist! babycakes always seem to be so dry and hard ๐Ÿ™ the banana chocolate chip loaf from babycakes is heavenly though!

  • xVx VeganStraightEdge xVx

    Unless you’ve tried a Sprinkles Cupcake…you have no idea what the hell your talking about!!! VEGAN POWER

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