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  • i’m going to sit curled up in a ball saying “bottlerock” over and over until jonathan takes me.

  • No XIV this time? 🙁

  • @vegyogini: i am still waiting to hear back from XIV! hopefully they will do it again!

  • Wow, thanks for the guide. Your blog is so good, thank you!

  • I can’t believe it’s dineLA time again! Guess I’m going to have to go to some of your favorites, again. Thanks for the post.

  • Eva Eva Eva says they are in and their menu sounds pretty pretty good too

  • Went to street for dineLA dinner this evening and it was NOT a repeat of QG’s visit last dineLA. They graciously replaced my amuse bouche with a vegan option, the chef let me try a delicious vegan soup she was toying with gratis, and as for dessert- they made me an amaranth cake with sweet plantains and museli. The ap was a black-eyed pea fritter and entree was the wonderful indonesian noodles with peanut sauce. Good use of dineLA- Street gives you good compensation for the dineLA price tag and gives vegans some of their best dishes I think.

    ALSO they are doing a 4-5-6 menu “6 days a week.” A variety of aps and drinks are available from 4pm to 7pm at $5 a pop and they are willing to make quiet a few of the little dishes vegan. Shisito peppers, burmese lettuce wraps and the acaraje fritter. Good for an early night where you want some good bites and an amazing cocktail.

  • ***go to bottle rock!!!***
    when you call ahead so they can clean down the kitchen i suggest asking for the vietnamese crepe on your menu. i’m sure they will do it. don’t sleep people!!! (also be clear that you are vegan if it applies, not vegetarian, just for super safety) also, the awesome beer aficionado that has served qg beer pairings is no longer there so you may (not positive) be on your own. there is a ridiculously wonderful selection of beer and wine. if you’re picky you could ask what they have on tap before your visit and do some home work.
    can’t wait!!!

  • Is there a reason you didn’t include Michael Mina’s XIV Restaurant on the list? I went there last night and had the most amazing 8 COURSE VEGAN MEAL! The 8 course vegan meal usually costs $65, but for DineLA you get it for $44! You get to choose 8 items from their incredible vegan menu (anything you want!). They also offer 50% off bottles of wine on Mondays, so we had a fabulous time. Totally worth going. I highly recommend it!

  • FYI I just called Bottle Rock in downtown and (despite mentioning your blog entry) they said the chef would not be able to make the Dine LA menu vegan, just vegetarian. I don’t know if this is just tonight, but I would definitely call before you head over there!

  • emergency! I called Mexico (because I heard it was really friggin good) last dineLA and they said they couldn’t accomodate vegans. I was suprised to see it on the QG list this time and had some boys wanting tacos last night so I called them and asked if any of their happy hour specials were vegan. They mentioned a queso something and enchiladas, and I said “no vegans don’t eat butter or dairy,” he then said well we have shrimp. My response “yes but vegans don’t eat animals.” He then said we have wood smoked beans and cilantro rice… I said to him that the restaurant had told a vegan blog that their DineLA menu could be made vegan, “am I to assume this is untrue” and he said… yeah sorry. Bummer for all but no mexico for us ever they are just not vegan friendly or even vegan aware

  • So sad – Just followed up online for Grace and their website says its CLOSED. Kindly they left three other restaurants to try on their site but who knows about those places… sigh.

  • Hold the phone… looks like Grace is RELOCATING. Sorry bout the misinformation above. Slated to open Oct 2010… Know anything about this quarrygirl?

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