• FREE FOOD at veggie grill tonight! and more…

    January 12th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, veggie grill

    the v-burger: marinated and grilled veggie-steak burger, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, chipotle ranch. comes with a side/ $8.95

    there is no excuse not to dine at veggie grill tonight, because they are offering an insane deal that is way too good to pass up.

    from the veggie grill facebook page:

    “Do you know a Veggie Grill Virgin (a friend who hasn’t been to The Veggie Grill yet)? Help them see what they’re missing out on, our treat. Bring in a VG Virgin for dinner (after 4pm) this Tuesday, Jan 12th to any of our locations, whisper to the cashier that you’ve brought in a Veggie Grill Virgin, and we’ll comp their entrée. Tell your friend it’s on you! … note: one Veggie Grill Virgin per experienced Veggie Griller please, no solo VG Virgins.”

    vegan nachos at veggie grill el segundo

    can you believe that?! all you need to do is bring someone who has never been to veggie grill before (preferably an omnivore, muahahahaha) and they eat for FREE. this is one of the greatest deals i’ve ever heard, and a great way to expose non-vegans to the insane meaty animal-free goodness that is veggie grill.

    but that’s not all! if you do dine at veggie grill tonight, i highly encourage you to go to the west hollywood location at 6:30pm. because at that time, kcal news is going to be there filming, and they have been real doubters regarding the commercial viability of a vegan restaurant. let’s show them that early on a tuesday evening, a vegan establishment can be PACKED.

    so there you have it, free food at veggie grill tonight and a chance to spread the veganism. do it!

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  • Thanks for the heads up. We took our favorite meat-lover and he not only ate for free but loved every bite and said he’d def come back for more.

  • I went for dinner there last nite. I had the V-Burger.Wow best burger Ived had in my life. Seriously wow! But I paid $16 sooo yeahh I added cheese,sweet heart fries and a drink… Their vegan cheese is soo frigging good..

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