• meaty vegan salad, fit for an omnivore

    January 4th, 2010quarrygirlflore, LA restaurants

    uneducated people think that vegans only eat salad, but we know better than that. one look around this blog shows that peeps adhering to an animal-free lifestyle can still enjoy ‘meat’, ‘cheese’, sandwiches, burgers, ice cream and cupcakes just like the rest of the world. sometimes, however, a good animal-free salad can be hearty enough to satisfy the omnivores and herbivores alike…and such is true of the avocado seitan salad at flore.

    avocado seitan salad: bed of mixed greens with sliced avocado, grilled seitan, daikon sprouts, tomato and red onion. served with your choice of tahini, 1000 island, vinaigrette or miso dressing. $9.95

    i’m not much of a salad person, but this may very well be one of the best menu items i’ve ever tasted. for under 10 bucks you get a large serving of soft leafy greens (more than i can eat), topped with sexy grilled chunks of homemade seitan and fresh vegetables in a dressing of your choosing, all garnished with generous slices of creamy avocado. i always go with the tahini dressing (it’s thick and rich, yet not over-powering)….but i hear that the 1000 dressing is killer as well.

    if you feel like eating a salad that will actually make you full, head over to flore in silverlake. this dish will satisfy the meatiest of cravings, and it’s still a mere healthy and organic salad! win/win!

    3818 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
    (323) 953-0611

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  • I ate that just last week. It really is amazing, and the tahini dressing is incredible.

  • i lovelovelove flore’s seitan. i always get the seitan quesadilla, it’s fucking delicious!

  • This is one of my top three favorite salads on the entire PLANET. Secret tip: get one miso AND one tahini dressing and mix. Heaven in your mouth. Pow!

  • favorite thing on the menu for sure. i get 1000 island. oh so good.

  • Cmon people, really? Flore is the epitome of everything that is lazy with vegan food. And going apeshit over foods that are so obviously mediocre to a normally discerning are the worst vegan cliche. Do you realize you’re raving about tahini and miso? Stuff they’ve dumped and stirred and charged $10?

  • you have a point there. flore isn’t really that innovative with its cuisine, but the food tastes great, is of high quality and consistently tasty.

  • That salad looks really good – but not worth $10 bucks.

  • I agree with Miss Alix. This is the best thing at Flore, and definitely worth the price.

  • Um, how is it dump and serve when that dressing is made by hand. It’s not just miso dumped out of a tube. Have you even had the salad? Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it people.

  • Miranda from Flore

    Hi everyone!!!!! Really happy that u are enjoying the “avo seitan”. Ps we make all of our dressings and our seitan from scratch everyday so we really appeciate that u enjoy the tahini,miso and 1000 island. although all the recipes are
    my babies, I’m with tizzle on the miso and tahini mix. Love!!!

  • I’m not a salad person either, but this looks like one I could get behind.

  • Don’t you ever get sick of lauding the meat metaphor. I personally don’t have the desire to eat meat or take part in perpetuating it through its many forms, hence my being a vegan. Duh!!!

  • harold – the use of “meaty” and “meat” is obviously metaphoric, and I think the angle on the blog post is awesome. you are just a blow-hard asshole!

  • Well, Davie, thanks for the compliment, and thanks for keeping the discourse of the comment box at its proper level. Gee, Davie, if’n it t’aint meeet, it t’aint meat. U muss be rite!

  • Still Skeptical

    I would never toss out judgment if I hadn’t tried it. Each salad here is either bland for the money or boasts borderline schizo flavor combinations. ie. grapefrut, basil, sprouts, miso and avo with tomato (older menu item).

    Handmade miso? So Flore ferments it’s own soybeans? That’d be cool. I have a feelin is more like blending grapeseed oil, tubed miso, added sugar, cheap bulk vinegar and a dash of sweaty patchouli for good measure. This is tough love, by the way, not hate. I’d like to see vegan joints push the envelope more in 2010 and that means vegan customers developing taste and critiques beyond, wow it’s fake meatalicious, take my money!

  • Miranda Megill of Flore

    Miso dressing: We make most of our food that goes into our food but we of course don’t make our own miso paste (it’s Miso Master Organic Miso) Aunt Patty’s Organic Raw Agave (not sugar), Spectrum Naturals Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (not cheap vinegar), no sweat (just love) and other natural and organic ingredients

    Raw Grapefruit Avo & Fennel Salad: Mixed greens, Fennel, Avocado, Grapefruit, Basil, Daikon Sprouts with a raw lime dressing (no tomato, no miso dressing, ever). One of our best sellers!

    Flore is not fine dining but good, organic, satisfying food that looks after the health of it’s customer’s and the lives of our friends

    Even if it is old hand, Seitan = YAY! and we love mixing, kneading and cooking it for you even if we do have to exchange currency for it.

    We are happy to answer any questions our customers have re: our ingredients and methods @ info@florevegan.com


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