• la victoire suprême du cœur, you will be missed!

    December 21st, 2009quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), paris

    this post was supposed to be a rave review about la victoire suprême du cœur, the oldest of very few vegan restaurants in paris, where i ate lunch recently on my 25th birthday.

    La Victoire Suprême du Cœur

    unfortunately, i found out that not long after my meal there, la victoire closed down and a new omnivorous restaurant called le pas-sage obligé opened up in its place. the good news is, although the new restaurant serves meat (ugh!), they do still have some of the old vegan options on the menu (woo!), including the veggie burger we ordered.

    just for the sake of it, here’s what our meal looked like:

    we started with a few baskets of fresh bread and a half carafe of red wine, because you just gotta in paris. all that romantic BS about bread tasting better in france is absolutely true, this was the best bread i’d ever eaten…which was only topped by a baguette i ate later that day.

    Degustation platter: Tapenades, mushroom terrine, pakora, seitan, vegetarian chicken, sautéed potatoes, salad. €15,5

    as a main course, i ordered the degustation platter, which was way too much food to eat, but i somehow managed. it came with several different tapenades including olive and sundried tomato, as well as crispy fried onion pakora, seitan, cubed vegan chicken, roasted potatoes and green salad. the pakora was some of the best stuff i’ve ever eaten in my life, and the seitan was also exceptional. i mean, just look at that beautiful plate.

    Veggiburger of house seitan, sautéed potatoes, salad. €13,5

    my husband ordered the house veggiburger, and of course i had to give it a try. the patty was perfect and juicy, and seemed to be made of the same excellent seitan that was on my plate. the potatoes and fresh salad were just great as well, and i am so glad that this dish is still on the menu at the new restaurant. if you ever find yourself in paris, this is a dish i would recommend.

    while we were there, la victoire was also having a lunch buffet for €12,8 which looked absolutely amazing. there was a table filled with colorful salads, fresh breads, and various hot dishes. as i was leaving, i made a mental note to definitely try the vegan buffet next time. sadly, it looks like that won’t be happening.

    since la victoire suprême du cœur has been around for over 14 years, and has been known as the best vegan restaurant in a city with so few meatless options, this news is extra depressing. i’m just super glad i got to spend my birthday at la victoire suprême du cœu before it closed its doors—it was one of the most lovely and memorable lunches of my life!

    new restuarant info:
    Le Pas-Sage Obligé
    29, rue du Bourg-Tibourg, Paris 4th
    Traditional Restaurant
    with a large choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes

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  • WHAT?!? No, dude…say it isn’t so! I LOVED this place. Guess I’m putting my plans to return to Paris on hold.

  • bonjour! c’est francine de paris. oui oui oui…. la victoire suprême is gone, but there are many vegan options on le menu nouveau. please visit the location and enjoy what they have to offer. bonne nuit!

  • Oh MAN, that’s such a disappointment. I wanted to do a vegan Paris trip soon.

  • Oh what a shame! I am not a strict vegan at all times but I greatly enjoyed my meals there. Such a fresh and flavorful diversion in a city full of butter, cheese and meats! It will be missed…I wonder if the new place is under the same management, though that seems unlikely if they serve meat. 🙁

    One of my meals, for posterity ;_____;


  • OH NO! La Victoire was one of my top 5 veg restaurants ever!!!!! If that pakora is as delish as the pakora they served at the old place, color me JEALOUS of that awesome looking meal.

  • La Victoire was quite possibly my favorite veg restaurant of all time. Yo Soy and I went there back in 2004 and I will always remember it as one of the best meals of my life. Good god, I loved their chicken nuggets. I don’t readily throw around the expression, “it tastes better than the real thing.” But those nuggets really did.

  • More Paris reviews please! You were such a lifesaver when I was in London. I went to a QG-approved restaurant basically everyday I was there (sometimes 2 in the same day). I’m going to Paris for my honeymoon and I can barely remember my high school French, so I need more suggestions. 😉

  • Was that the place that was run by Sri Chinmoy followers? Bizarre cult atmosphere, but good food. My favorite is still Le Grenier de Notre Dame. Not entirely vegan, but very vegan friendly, and amazing food.

  • Kevin, yeah, it was totally the cult place, but I didn’t find it bizarre at all, save the shrine-adorned photos of the bald man all over the walls. Also they had a policy of giving out free hot vegan meals to homeless and hungry Parisians living on the streets.

  • wait a minute, i thought loving hut was the cult vegan restaurant in paris! this one was a cult too?!

  • I absolutely loved La Victoire and am sad that it’s no longer there. Thank goodness it has a successor that has kept some of its menu items.

  • Wow I am shocked that vegan options exist in France in the first place it sucks that this place closed.

    The Sri Chinmoy cult makes good food I went to The Oneness-Fountain-Heart last time I was in NY the best part is that they show videos of the guy doing crazy feats of strength.

  • yeah it was a cult 🙂 It was actually the first veg place I ever ate at in Paris. I ate at a Sri Chinmoy place in Christchurch New Zealand a month ago and it was amazing. I’ve eaten at one near Tampa Fl, too. They aren’t always vegan, they are big in yogurt/milk/cheese but happily accommodate vegans. Usually they are staffed by mostly white women in India attire.

  • I’m devastated by this..we had always planned to go back to Paris and eat there. We had a seitan steak with mushroom sauce that was seriously the best vegan meal I’ve ever had. Yes, it was Sri Chinmoy but they’re everywhere. I live in New Zealand at the moment and most of the best food is Sri Chinmoy, like the Bluebird Cafe in Auckland.

    I can’t believe it’s been replaced by meaty crap. There’s already enough of that in Paris, darnit.

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