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    one great thing about london is that there’s no shortage of all you can eat vegan buffets. on our recent trip, we hit up 3 of them, my favorite being at 222 veggie vegan. 222 has an entirely animal-free food menu, and the only non-vegan item in the restaurant is the choice of skimmed milk for coffee. by day, 222 operates as a lunchtime buffet, and by evening they are an a la carte eatery.

    the buffet menu when we went was on the simple and on the healthy side, with a large focus on vegetable-based dishes. it was a great deal for all-you-can-eat at just ₤7.50 per person, and we did eat absolutely all that we possibly could. take a look at our spread:

    starting in the upper left and going clockwise, we had a small lentil veggie patty, a slice of quiche, some stir-fried vegetables, roasted potatoes, rice and channa dal. all of it delicious. here is the same plate again from the other side:

    while i loved every single thing pictured, my two favorites were the quiche and the channa dal. i went back for multiple servings of each.

    slightly burned with a soft fluffy texture, this was definitely the best vegan quiche i’ve had anywhere.

    along with hot foods, 222 also offered a huge cold salad bar. here’s what i took away from there:

    a mix of cold soba noodles, marinated vegetables, a bean salad, and several types of leaves. this really hit the spot.

    if you are looking for a tasty, nutritious, affordable lunch in london, 222 veggie vegan is your place. this is the kind of vegan food we SHOULD be eating—vegetables, grains and noodles rather than loads of fake meat. i can’t wait to return.

    check out this dude, he liked his lunch! and lemme just say that it’s a crime this restaurant wasn’t PACKED.

    222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant
    222 North End Road
    West Kensington
    London W14 9NU
    Hours: lunchtime 12:00 – 15:30 evening 17:30 – 22:30

    PS: on a previous london trip, we had a bad dinner experience at 222. after this amazing lunch though, i can’t wait to give their dinner another try!

    Tel: 020 738 12322

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