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    vegan pizza at pizzasalad

    if you ever find yourself in thousand oaks, be sure to grab a meal at PizzaSalad. the all organic eatery focuses on “environmentally responsible” pizza and salad, which of course means they have loads of vegan options. we tried them out a few weeks ago, and all our food was not just delicious, but extremely fresh and healthy tasting.

    pizza special: soy-free vegan cheese, broccoli, zucchini and tomatoes. $16

    pizza special: soy-free vegan cheese, broccoli, zucchini and tomatoes. $16

    the day we were there, PizzaSalad was advertising a specialty pizza packed with vegetables including broccoli, zucchini and tomatoes. we just had to try it. the restaurant had two different kinds of vegan cheese to choose from, one with soy and one that was soy-free. when we asked if either of the cheeses contained casein, the employee behind the counter pulled out an ingredient list for both. they were both 100% vegan, and we went with the soy-free option that was made from cassava root. the pizza was absolutely wonderful. thin chalky crust, perfectly melted cheese, and a generous amount of vegetables. a+!

    kosa salad: crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, portobella mushrooms, natural black olives and artichokes tossed in grava dressing. $6.30

    kosa salad: crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, portobella mushrooms, natural black olives and artichokes tossed in grava dressing. $6.30

    we also ordered a salad to share—the kosa, which comes with romaine, iceberg, portobella mushrooms, black olives and artichokes. it was all tossed in a unique vegan dressing made from a blend of oil, tahini, cider vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice, herbs and spices. the salad at first didn’t really sound that interesting to me, but with one bite it blew me away. it was tangy and flavorful and filled with the freshest produce you can imagine. the salad was just as good (if not better) than the pizza!

    vegan salad at pizzasalad

    i really can’t fault any of the food we ate at PizzaSalad, everything was top notch. the atmosphere is really casual, with a counter you order at and a few small tables for dining. my only complaint with this place is that the dude who served us was rude beyond belief. as he showed us the ingredients for the vegan cheeses, he looked totally annoyed that we had asked about casein. then i smiled at him on the way out and he gave me a really nasty look. whatever, i will be back to PizzaSalad because the food was fucking awesome.

    pizzasalad in thousand oaks

    1655 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd #104
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

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  • holy balls right around the corner from my parents house. I know where I’m going over xmas break!

  • I had to look at a map to find Thousand Oaks. Oh. Over. There.

  • Yeah, the guy serving us was a TOTAL CUNT. If we hadn’t driven miles to check the place out I would have walked out. Rude, asshole. And, I have his picture, too.

  • @mr meaner: i was gonna post his pic, but i don’t wanna get sued. hehehe

  • What a weird name for a place!

  • Your pizza looks pretty good. Hmm… it just might get me to visit my mother-in-law in that area. P.S. What an ass! The guy, not my mother-in-law lol

  • We live really close to PizzaSalad but, haven’t tried it because the name is so weird. I think we’ll eat there tomorrow. I’ll keep my eye out for a rude asshole employee.

  • omg i live in thousand oaks and have driven by this place about 100 times. just seeing my city’s name on this site made me really happy, even though i dont even like thousand oaks that much. i’ll be eating here for sure sometime this week.

  • tried this place today for the 1st time! what an awesome random find in thousand oaks, no?!! i didn’t know they had 2 types of vegan cheese, ‘cuz i ordered over the phone. i had the soy- twas good, suspect it was FYH, but was fully melted which somehow, some folks are able to achieve. next time i’ll try the soy-free. glad to hear that was good as well! about the service, i’m surprised a place w/such an eco-consciousness wouldn’t have warmer service, i agree w/you!!!! do OT expect to be bowled over by the friendliness but the ORGANIC ingredients & GOOD-TASTING vegan pizza mean i’ll be back whenever i’m in thousand oaks! if i hadn’t heard of them here, i probably would not have tried-THANKS!
    🙂 candy

  • We tried PizzaSalad last weekend and have to report that the food was very, very good. We ordered the Garden Variety pizza with soy free cheese and a salad. All of it was crazy fresh and very tasty.

    Our server wasn’t unfriendly but certainly didn’t go out of her way to show the vegan options. I think she was getting annoyed at our indecisiveness.

    The most intriguing part of our experience was the drama behind the counter. I’m thinking the place is owned by the Russian Mob. Our server would bicker with a man, who I think was the TOTAL CUNT, in a dialect that sounded eastern european. Another man pulled up in a limo (he was the driver) and dropped off boxes. He bickered with the woman and got very animated with his hands. He and the “TC” sneered at each other and exchanged words before the driver stormed out. It was fascinating!

  • Next time I’m in the TO area I will try this place out. I can’t believe I still haven’t had proper vegan pizza or vegan nachos yet!!

  • When visiting PizzaSalad for your next vegetarian or vegan meal, be sure to ask about vegan meat options (although not a standard menu item, we try to have a pepperoni, chicken, or sausage variety available). Also in the fall/winter months we proudly offer organic soups and try to have a vegan option every day. For more, visit http://www.pizzasalad.com/menu.htm.

  • my favorite place love their food and a great place as well 🙂

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Will be in Thousand Oaks soon, planning to stop in.

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