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    November 23rd, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, yummy cupcakes

    vegan peanut butter cupcake in a jar

    yummy cupcakes is a bakery that certainly lives up to its name. with two locations (one in the valley and one on the west side), plenty of animal-free offerings, and absolutely delicious treats, it is probably my favorite place to get vegan desserts in los angeles.

    on top of offering vegan cupcakes at their storefronts on fridays, sundays and mondays, yummy also has an extensive vegan menu for large orders which features basically any cupcake you could possibly dream up. they also have an absolutely brilliant product for special order called “cupcake-in-a-jar.” yep, it is exactly like you would imagine…fluffly frosting and moist cake all piled up in a mason jar, to be eaten with a spoon.

    recently, yummy sent me some of their cupcakes in jars to try out—and boy oh boy, they made a believer out of me! chocolate with vanilla frosting, almond with almond butter cream, and peanut butter cup were all part of the deal…and they were all delicious. the best thing about the cupcake in a jar is, you don’t have to eat it all at once. you can just spoon out a bite of yummy frosting and cake, then store the rest in the fridge until later.

    i gave one of the cupcake-filled jars to my omnivorous co-worker, and she was completely blown away. first off, it was so decadent that she couldn’t believe it was vegan. secondly, she noted that the idea of layering cake and frosting in a mason jar is “fucking brilliant.” and i agree with her. you think you like vegan cupcakes? well, try eating them with a spoon. you will never look back. YUMMY!

    yummy cupcakes in jars!

    yummy cupcakes
    313 Wilshire Blvd 90401

    2918 W. Magnolia Blvd 91505

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  • Oh, my goodness, that IS brilliant! What a great idea for holiday gifts or party favors…I’m definitely borrowing this concept. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • yummy cupcakes offers baking classes – i took a class here and asked if they would do a vegan class, she said since the vegan ingredients are expensive, she would only do it if she knew enough people would be interested in attending…so if you’re interested, let her know!

  • That is SO CUTE!!!! Totally going to “borrow” this idea.

  • When did they start doing this!?

  • These look incredible! I have never heard of Yummy before, but I will be sure to check em out.

  • whoa whoa whoa that is SUCH a good idea. i must go there.

  • That looks SO amazing.

  • For all you idea “borrowers” out there – can I be your test subject? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I LOVE the peanut butter chocolate cupcake in a jar!!! YUMZ! *drool, drool, slobber* Thank you Miss Quarry Girl for sharin’ yo’ sugar!


  • @Sunny, anytime! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I stumbled upon your site through another vegan blog and have to say, I absolutely love the creativity and breadth of veggie eats you feature. Those drool inducing photographs definitely don’t hurt either! I am someone who is consciously trying to eat vegan, though I cave to convenience with meat sometimes, but having your reviews and eating out ideas are excellent and inspiring to have at hand! Thank you so much!! I’m TOTALLY adding you to my google reader!!! Have a fabulous day! (hope you stop by and check out my giveaway if you have time!)

  • What a cool thing! I want a cupcake in a jar.

  • cupcakes in a jar, wow that is completely GENIUS. i am gonna try to bring some of those back to north carolina at christmas!

  • i’ll take the vegan baking cooking class.

  • Got a hankering for a vegan cupcake today only to find out that Yummy only makes vegan desserts on Sundays, Mondays and Fridays. ARGH!

  • OK…today I visited Yummy cupcakes and bought a vegan red velvet (I had them hold one for me from yesterday) and a vegan choc/vanilla. Well, I must say, both cupcakes were SO SO SO SO GOOD! Moist, creamy, delicious. I highly recommend this place for vegan cupcakes.

  • I read on the Yummy Cupcakes site that they will have one vegan cupcake flavor each day instead of just on weekends starting in February, 2010.

  • I was in Burbank so I stopped by their Magnolia location and tried out a vegan red-velvet cupcake with vanilla frosting. Quite good!!

  • Yummy’s red velvet made me a red velvet believer. And now have two vegan cupcakes every day!!!

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