• awesomeness rolled up in a pita

    November 12th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, pita pit

    imagine the fast food restaurant subway…but with better ingredients, pita pockets rather than bread, and more vegan options…then you have the pita pit.

    vegan hummus sandwich at pita pit

    the quick and casual eatery specializes in (you guessed it) pitas, and fucking awesome ones at that! they have a separate vegetarian menu, and four vegan options including the garden pita, the babaganouj pita, the hummus pita and the falafel pita.

    pita pit menu

    the way it works at the pita pit is, you order your sandwich from dude #1 at the cash register. he rings you up and waves you over to dude #2 who will be making your sandwich. then comes my favorite part…you get to stand and supervise dude #2 as he fills your pita up with awesomeness. they are super customer-friendly at pita pit, and obey with a smile when i stand there going, “extra hot sauce…even more than that….that’s good! no olives! a tiny bit of onions, lots of tomatoes please,” etc.

    pita pit salad bar

    if you ask to get your sandwich filled up the way i do, you end up leaving with a massive pita the size of a baseball bat. it’s almost too much to eat, but somehow i always manage it.

    vegan hummus pita filled with loads of vegetables and hot sauce. $6.25

    vegan hummus pita filled with loads of vegetables and hot sauce. $6.25

    all the ingredients inside are super fresh and crunchy, really high quality stuff. the picture doesn’t really illustrate it very well (it’s hard to bite into a rolled up pita and then take a good cross-section photo), but the thing was massive and tasty as hell.

    pita pit yummers

    pita pit is a huge chain, so you can find their storefronts all over the place. the closest one to LA is probably the one in hermosa beach (that’s the one in this post), or the location in valencia. there used to be a pita pit in weho on sunset, but sadly it is no more! so whenever you have a chance, head on over and get yourself a gigantic pita stuffed with hummus, falafel, vegatables, or babaganouj.

    just ask this guy, he i’m pretty sure he was diggin it…

    pita pit caption contest!

    in fact, let’s have the first ever QUARRYGIRL CAPTION CONTEST! just leave a caption for that pita eating dude in the comments section, and i will pick a winner and post it on the site. 1-2-3…GO!

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  • CAPTION: ughh… I… think…I’m….gonna….mmmmmmmm….uuuuuggghhhh….TAKE ANOTHER BITE

  • “wait… WHAT THE FUCK is happening to that fish behind me”


  • Caption: I bet if I walk over to that girl over there eating the “veggie” pita, I can “hit ‘er up” with some vegan talk for sure! Like, “Hey, I’m Todd and I don’t eat meat either! By the way, you vegans looks amazing!”

  • holy shit i think it’s stuck in my neck

  • “Fucking hell, another crazy vegan bitch is taking my picture!”

  • holy moley, this is best pita i’ve ever tasted!

  • “The pita is great but this whispering fish is really starting to piss me off.”

  • The fish behind me has a giant cock growing out of its back!

  • ‘upset by the fact that in liverpool morrissey played “black cloud” instead of “there is a light that never goes out” i should have thrown this pita torpedo instead of the phantom water bottle.’


  • pita eating dude… “when I am done eating mine I want to eat yours too!!”…

  • I’m lame with captions so I’m not gonna try. I originally thought it was going to be for the first picture. It looks like a snapping turtle wearing a t-shirt.

  • A Pita Pit haiku:

    Tightly stuffed pita
    Contents stuck to my mouth’s roof
    So good, so vegan.

  • god, I so wish this was a cock I was chewing on

  • “oh fuck…i forgot to use the quarry girl’s vegan soundboard app to ask “”is there casein in this?””. maybe i should start to use the “”i’m so vegan i don’t even eat out at restaurants anymore””.

  • fuuuuuck. my bike pedal just went up my ass! OWWWWW

  • “i hope that was a pita i just sat on”

  • still confident i’m winning this…. no threats thus far

  • “Next time … no peanut butter.”

  • Pita Pit’s great, I tried it once when I was still living in Riverside. So good.

  • Thanks to DEPENDS, Trent found he could enjoy his pita uninterrupted, without bothersome trips to the restroom.

  • “If you think this looks awkward, you should check out the last film I was in: Homonormal Activity.”

  • “This bug-eyed, big-lipped, hummus fart-detecting lizard creature is MY FRIEND, dammit. He playfully grunts in my ear when you’re not looking.”

  • pita pit is the worse. the falafel and hummus are horrible.

    please don’t support this place go to a real falafel/mid-east place.

  • “Damn it! I got falafel stuck in my cavity…”

  • “that falafel is so good i’m going to store it in my neck for winter.”

  • way to save the best for last, schramm. the only one that made me laugh out loud.

  • “Just don’t make eye contact and maybe she’ll go away” *proceeds to work falafel out of teeth*

  • (caption for photo #1)
    “You young puppets have it easy these days. You’ve got Crank Yankers, Greg the Bunny– all kinds of shows to read for. I’m barely squeaking by with my Sesame Street residuals and union disability.”

  • (caption contest)
    “Oh, crap! I knew I thould have put more Fixthodent on my teeff!”

  • “Aww shit, I just swallowed a falafel ball whole and now it’s stuck in my neck. Good thing I got two sodas.”

  • “i wish i was eating at PITA POCKET off of Reseda and Nordhoff in Northridge ca because that is actually authentic OUT OF THIS WORLD falafel in a laffa. ”

    SERIOUSLY QUARRYGIRL- you MUST go there asap! in the shopping center right next to Ralphs. get falafel in a LAFFA [they make the bread there fresh and it taste ORGASMIC] and they will load it up so big you could share, but you wont want to.
    trust me on this one, im israeli and live in valencia and NEVER go to pita pit. you will never again either after eating authentic medit. food.


  • I’m still laughing as I am typing this.

    “MY sandwich, MINE, I tell you! Come any closer and I will kill you with my biiicycle, biiiicycle, I want to ride my biiiicycle. Wait, what was I saying?”

  • and the trophy goes too…..

  • Pita Pit! I didn’t realize they had any of these in the L.A. area. In my college town, there was a Pita Pit that was open until 3am, and I cannot COUNT the number of times I left the bar, went straight to Pita Pit, and stuffed my drunken face with pita goodness. Oh the memories…

  • Pita Pit is awesome…

    BEWARE: Employees don’t change their gloves when handling food. This means the person making your hummus pita could very well cross-contaminate your order because they just finished creating a chicken pita. They’ll put on a fresh pair of gloves if requested, but might give you a little glare if it’s busy.

  • Fish trying to talk man out of joining the Marines.

  • There’s a pita pit in claremont. That’s closer for me since im about 20 minutes or so outside of LA. Idk how much close that is for you. Just to let anyone know :]

  • quarrygirl: you linked the valencia one to the hermosa beach address

  • @tyrone: thanks! i fixed it!

  • Madeleine Vadeboncoeur

    yayayay go pita guy, eat that pita, you rock that pita!

  • Valencia and Hermosa Beach are so far from me, they should have one of these in Pasadena. Vegan hummus pita sounds like a great lunch 🙂

  • Taste is subjective. Vegans feel like we will take whatever restaurant we can get sometimes. I don’t always have time to go to a sit down (and more expensive) place.

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