• quarrygirl.com wins a VegNews award!

    October 16th, 2009mr meanernews, other

    When President Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize last week, his first public reaction was a one-word tweet, “Humbled“. While a VegNews award isn’t quite as prestigious we’re also humbled that Operation Pancake, our investigation into Los Angeles area vegan restaurants, would win a “Scandal Breakers of the Year” award from VegNews magazine. The list was broken this morning over on ecorazzi, as follows:


    As a quick reminder, for Operation Pancake we tested samples of food from seventeen Los Angeles area restaurants (all but one supposedly entirely vegan) and found that 40% of tested positive for ingredients that were not of vegan origin. We then tracked back the ingredients of many of these dishes to fake meat plants in Taiwan, and uncovered major inconsistencies with food preparation and labeling. It’s possible that many fake meats in supposedly vegan foods are not just non-vegan, but actually contain real meat.

    What’s sobering about Operation Pancake, though, is not what we found, but what we didn’t find. It’s likely that all over the world vegans are eating animal products without realizing it, and we hope that the publicity gained by our investigation will help them to “vote with their feet” and only buy vegan foods from reputable sources.

    Many thanks to VegNews for recognizing our work, we hope the publicity might persuade a couple more people to buy strictly vegan produce to save a few animals from a degrading life, and agonizing death.

    If you read the original posts, they’re well worth reading again, especially the comments – some of which are really insightful. In the meantime, we’ll wait for our Veg News to arrive with the full scoop on November 1st!

    Team quarrygirl and our collaborator, Mr Wishbone, gladly accept the award!

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  • You guys are awesome and fully deserve the recognition!

  • SWEET!!!

  • OH AWESOME! <3 Operation Pancake!

  • You Down with OPP?
    I’m down with OPP!

    OPeration Pancake! congrats to team QG!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You seriously deserve this award and I’m thrilled that you got the recognition for your hard work!

  • so fucking cool!!!! congrats!!! would you like some taaaaaffy?

  • Thanks to VegNews for the recognition and Team Quarrygirl
    for all their hard work and friendship!

    I’ll start making room on the mantle for the Golden Pancake.

    The award IS a Golden Pancake, right? 😉

    Mr. Wishbone

  • YAY!!! congrats team qg!!! thanks for all you do!! 🙂

  • They definitely need to shell out for a golden pancake award!

  • Awesome! I love that you guys were rewarded for providing something useful to the community. This should be a lesson to all the other bloggers who were annoying everyone by begging incessantly for nominations a few months back… you guys didn’t have to beg for an award, you genuinely earned it. Kudos.

  • Congratulations!!! Very well deserved :)…

  • Congrats bitches! Well deserved.

  • Excellent! You deserved it!

  • Great Job!

    If this happens in a vegan friendly city, who knows what can happen in other cities that do not have as many options. It is sad that restaurants either do not know what is in their food, or purposely do things like this.

    In a world where people are leaning towards vegetarianism and veganism, news like this just makes it harder to eat how you choose.

  • This is pretty funny in retrospect… way to continue being a scandal breaker, quarrygirl.

  • I just found out about this via Vegan Good Things and thought I’d re-post the comments i left there:

    It’s totally ridiculous. I take photos for my blog in my poorly-lit kitchen with a basic digital camera and amateur food-styling skills – and I think my photos are decent and print-worthy. I can only imagine what someone with a few more resources (and training) could do!

    Yes, using stock photography is standard in the print and web publishing world. But if you’re selling something very niche (or with a strong ethical stance), then you’ve got to factor-in the cost of custom photography. I’m pretty sure other ethically-slanted organizations do that (greenpeace, unicef, etc)…

  • Glad you sent back the award because your comments about VegNews are WAY out of scope. Really? Didn’t you, QUARRY GIRL have a learning curve when you first started out or were you perfect from the day you were vegan or started your blog?

    You have caused an unnecessary uproar by shaming a wonderful publication. QG better be very careful b/c karma is a bitch!

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