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    October 12th, 2009quarrygirlproducts

    gardein classic style buffalo wings.





    this fall, gardein is launching a new frozen line all over the united states & canada, so keep an eye out for their products coming to a whole foods near you. if you live on the east coast, you may have already seen this stuff. gardein sent me a sampling of their new line to try out, and i immediately fell in love with their classic style buffalo wings. spicy, tangy, moist and chewy, these bite-sized snacks were everything you could want in a meaty appetizer. they packed a lot of heat, and went down perfectly with cool and creamy vegenaise dip.

    being a vegan is super easy with companies like gardein around to create cruelty-free versions of old meaty favorites. stay tuned for more gardein products coming soon to a freezer near you. and if you spot these wings when you are out grocery shopping, trust me, YOU GOTTA TRY ‘EM. i am gonna buy up bags of these wings as soon as i have the chance.

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  • This is definitely what I come here for!

  • this is pretty much all i’ve been waiting for since going vegan. i predict a lot of buffalo chicken wings, wraps, pizzas, sandwiches, cupcakes and ice cream in my future.

  • Fuck morningstar! Viva gardein! I can’t wait to try these.

  • Why couldn’t they have rolled these out at the *start* of the football season?!?

  • my boyfriend is going to be really excited about these. he loves fake meat.

  • what it is made out of though?! We need protein.

  • i haven’t had the buffalo wings, but they have this santa fe chick’n which is chick’n stuffed w/ black beans and corn and stuff – so amazing.

  • i second kevin! what the hell, gardein?

  • Holy crap! I WANT! 😀

  • Gardein is the best fake meat out there. I can’t wait until these come out. DROOOL

  • OMG, I can’t wait! Thanks for giving us the head’s up.

  • Gardein just keeps getting better and better. I agree with appifanie that the chicken stuffed with black beans is amazing. I stock up at TJs all the time.

  • Supporting football is supporting the slaughter of cows.

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  • You all must be ill to want to eat that overly processed, disgusting nonsense. Instead of supporting sustainable agricultural methods and humane animal slaughter- as was done for 1000’s of years by our crofting and farmsteading predecessors- you ravage the surface of the earth with your soybean crops (technically unfit for human consumption without reasonable fermentation and processing), and try to pass it off as some delicious edible creation.
    Meanwhile you haunt around Wholefoods, supporting their “vegan” creations, as if they give a damn about anything except sales. None of the people behind the counter could care about veganism, and vegan standards aren’t adhered to in the process.
    Your brains are too malnourished to process such things, however. This is, perhaps, why you all frequent a “blog”, whose writer can’t even be arsed to capitalise the letters at the beginning of her sentances. So much for wealth when you can’t have half decent grammar, eh QuarryGirl? Talk shit when you learn to speak English.

  • @Offalgood: you spelled “sentences” wrong. hahahahaha!

    “sentances”? you are funny!

  • Brilliant, you are. You detected a spelling error or two in two large paragraphs, while this entire blog is completely littered with them. You’re quite clever, aren’t you? Maybe you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize, too? You all are on the “meat is murder” bandwagon, aren’t you?
    Peace for all animals, human rights for chimpanzees. Your lot practically are chimpanzees, except perhaps for the fact that chimps eat better.
    When was the last time you had a little butter in your life, you little misanthrope, you?

  • I’m a vegan geophysicist, I’m pretty sure my brain’s not malnourished! But maybe not, I can’t think too clearly today, too much cauliflower and brown rice perhaps.

  • @Offalgood: i think it’s hilarious that you went on a rant about how i can’t “speak English,” yet you spelled something wrong in that very paragraph!

    just because i’m not restricted by capitalization doesn’t mean i can’t write…or spell.

    i don’t even know why you decided to come here and ramble about nonsense anyways. this blog is fairly popular, and you are just making a fool of yourself.

  • I CANZ WRITE. leamee alone. I SMART.

  • A “Vegan” Geophysicist? My goodness… I bet you love to throw large, seemingly intellectual titles like that around. Geophysics is by no means a simple subject of study but, what of merit have you done for the scientific community? Are you a world class geophysicist with many papers in peer reviewed publications ?? Or, wait, allow me to guess… You’re brilliant by virtue of your cauliflower diet?

  • Sweetheart, the blog is popular amongst other brain-dead, uppity, Los Angeles bleeding heart vegans. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re valid or special just because some soy pushing corporation sends you free samples of their fake chicken.
    I suppose I came here because you like “talking shit”. Says so on the front of your blog…
    Precisely what about? About how Morningstar deciding to put non vegan ingredients in their food is disgusting?
    You know what is disgusting…? Your malnourished bodies. Your bad attitudes towards omnivores. Your self-righteousness. Your hubris.
    I am the fool?

  • OMG I need to try these gardein wings asap! I have seen their frozen goods before, but not these. WHEN do they come out?! I need a date.

    And QG, you know we love you! Don’t listen to idiots or even respond to them. Keep it up! XD

  • Yes, Offalgood. You are definitely the fool.

  • @Offalgood: what is it about a blog post on vegan chicken wings that makes you feel so threatened?

  • “Gina: And QG, you know we love you! Don’t listen to idiots or even respond to them. Keep it up! XD”

    Awww, see? Don’t cry, miss “I’m not restricted by capitalization” (i.e. the structure of the English language). Well, what…then I suppose you are above it?
    Your blog is super brilliant, and all of your equally ridiculous soy nazi friends will be here to assuage your concerns of self worth as you suck down the very soy protein that makes most of The U.S. overweight, and chokes the life out of the soil in the foreign lands your heat so bleeds for. Want to continue propping up the Farm Kill and allowing the soy industry to wreak havoc on the world’s food supply? Keep gobbling down that soy.

  • Llamakiller, what do you mean? I like football…

    Gardein is really stepping up their game. Love that we have more options now.

  • once again, offalgood comes in to remind us vegans how much better we are than omnivores. thanks, offalgood!

  • you know what?!?!?! i’ve totally had a change of heart!!!! i’m going to start eating meat again!!! offalgood has come here and shown me the light!!!!!!!

  • I <3 GARDEIN

  • er… excuse me @offalgood the VAST, VAST majority of soy production in the world is used to feed meat-producing cattle, not vegetarians. it’s meat production that wreaks havoc on the world’s environment, not soy bean production! you are a real asshole, and I’m not even a vegan!!

  • Dear Offalgood, you should take a lesson from Lex in the forums:

    “where to even start….
    #1. all those soy beans go to feed live stock not people.
    #2. live stock poops and pees and farts all over the planet, where as we’re on the hook for fertilizer run off causing algea blooms if you don’t eat organic
    #3. if you watched the show on Ardi on Discovery last night you’d know that we’ve at least been herbivores for 4 million years because we could sustain larger families eating plentiful plants vs spending day and night hunting for small animals to feed very few…
    #4. you don’t even have to go back a few decades to se that animal consumption was a rare event and still the most long lived groups of people around the globe consume less than 10% of their calories from animal products
    #5. i’m sure that commentor’s cholesterol is OFF THE CHART and he’s one more humanely slaughtered rotten corpse burger away from a heart attack or stroke
    #6. anyone who attacks a persons English skills in the course of a debate is instantly discredited owing to the obvious lack of concrete content to object to that actually relates to the discussion. Its like attacking what they are wearing or how they combed their hair that morning.
    #7. Brains run on glycogen = carbs / sugars ONLY. Anyone eating an animal based diet is functionally brain dead.”

  • James, they use leather in the manufacturing of footballs. When you view football games you are then supporting the death of cows. (note: its a bit of sarcasm, but many people on this site thing they’re almighty vegans).

    My dog’s diet is 80% vegan, but receives some meat products due to his skin. My son is vegetarian, so basically I’m a shitty vegan, right? Thats my life story and if you’ve got a problem we can step outside (insert: Good Will Hunting scene into head). How about dem apples?

  • This is the best blog in the world. Not just for the content, but the comments! Bless you souls.

  • if nothing else, operation pancake taught us that quarrygirl is a serious vegan who takes this stuff seriously. I am so glad this blog is here and people actually talk about stuff that matters in the comments. Love you quarrygirl, whoever you are <3

  • I’m sorry Quarrygirl, I usually am with you and love your blog but what’s with all the excitement over fake meat? Shouldn’t we vegans be learning to live without this stuff rather than embracing it? Just saying.

  • Don’t you kind of wonder about the lives of people like “Offalgood?” To be so bored and miserable that you shit all over a vegan food blog because you disagree with our belief system?

    Get a hobby!

  • Offal is not good. Offal is fucking disgusting.

    And Offalgood is a lame attentionwhoring troll.

    But I’m excited about the wings! I just wish I was in the US right now so I could have some.

  • Well shit, if those cruelty free wings are going to make me brain-dead, count me as a goner!

  • @Hannah, I agree we SHOULD learn to live without the meat analogs, and everyone should also stop smoking, stop drinking (unless it’s been determined that it’s good for us), drive the speed limit, and exercise daily. But you know as well as I do that we all want a treat or a thrill now and then, and this is a vegan food blog, not a vegan health blog. Be glad QG is testing all these products for you so you know which ones are worth a little sin inside your body-temple, and which ones you can skip.

  • I don’t give a crap if they are called wings or fake chicken or protein nuggets. If its good and vegan, its going in my mouth, no being was hurt in the process.

  • Finally got a chance to try these. Kinda disappointed. I Think I prefer homemade seitan + hot sauce 🙁 Hell, I think I even liked the gardenburger wings that used to be available (years ago – have not seen in a long while) better than these.

  • Offalgood,
    Who or what is biting your ass?Educate yourself about the issues you criticize(preferably before spewing forth your illconceived rhetoric),consider that inflammatory remarks do nothing but create inflammation and find yourself an appropriate website auch as dumbf–cks.com to vent your misdirected animosity.
    “What you do to others you do to yourself”(selfquote).
    To all others,excuse my hippocrisy for being inflammatory(like I said inflammatory remarks create inflammation).

  • This food makes me fart uncontrollably! The buffalo wings incapacitated me for a fortnight, and are also extremely spicy (for better or worse). I had TWO chicken tenders tonight and have been bedridden with horrific gas and cramps for 4 hours! Am I the only one crippled by these culinary creations???

  • Beano, Joel. Beano.

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