• sandwich appreciation: banh mi in your fucking face

    October 7th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, vinh loi tofu

    vegan sandwiches are awesome, and they just don’t get enough attention. what’s the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten? if you live in los angeles, the answer very well could be a banh mi sub from vinh loi tofu.


    although vinh loi is an entirely vegan restaurant, their sandwiches aren’t filled with vegetables. no, no, no…they specialize in sturdy, meaty subs that would satisfy any omnivore.

    ham sub. $5.50

    ham sub. $5.50

    take the enormous “ham” sub, filled with pink faux meat and spicy chilies, measuring around 9 inches for just $5.50.

    or the extravagant vinh loi sub, which comes stuffed with “chicken”, “beef”, AND tofu for just 6 bucks.

    vinh loi sub (chicken, beef and tofu) $6

    vinh loi sub (chicken, beef and tofu) $6

    these banh mi are massive, the price is right, and they are packed with taste. what more do you want from a sandwich?

    you probably already knew about the bad ass subs at vinh loi tofu…but i thought you needed a reminder. i hereby name today vegan sandwich appreciation day. now what are you gonna do to celebrate?

    vinh loi tofu
    18625 Sherman Way #101
    Reseda, CA 91335
    (818) 996-9779

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  • wow those are some yummy looking subs

  • the ham banh mi is my favorite vinh loi meal. so affordable, too!

  • I’m a long-time lurker. Now I just gotta say that I love your blog, great reporting and pics. But I also kinda love that you have such a potty mouth. It’s refreshing for a vegan blog.

  • @karen: thank you very fucking much!

  • The best sandwich is the BLTA, at Cafe Flourish.


  • Their mock BBQ duck is heaven on a crusty french roll. It’s only bbq mock duck, cilantro, jalapenos, and I think daikon or something. But OMG I ate the whole thing in about 5 minutes even though I thought about saving half for later. I just couldn’t let it sit there without it being in my mouth.

  • Hey there –

    Today I went for a sub from vinh loi tofu — I had the shredded tofu b/c Im not a big fan of fake meat.

    I gotta say, it was okay, but nothing to rave about. Better is the big block of fresh tofu I brought to bring home.

    I really like vinh loi tofu. I just think that your post gives more cred to the subs than they actually deserve.

  • @samantha: you GOTTA get the fake meat!

  • Phenomenal subs. The best vegan subs ever, I agree. There is just something about the subtle combination of the simple ingredients that takes these things to a new level of tasty.

    Vinh Loi is about 15 minutes from where I work but sometimes I start thinking about the subs and have to drive out there. I get a warm dish and bring a sub home for later. Come to think of it, every time I go there I get one for later. They taste great hours after preparation.

    My only warning is sometimes, if you get a bite with heavy on the jalapeños, the sudden heat can over-ride the experience. So, I always make sure they aren’t too big in my sandwich. Sometimes I even take them out.

  • I’ve said no to crack but would gladly blow men for half of a BBQ duck banh mi from vinh loi.

  • me too, evan. me too!

  • i love vinh loi! my husband and i were actually there yesterday. had chicken subs and the yummy spicy soup (i forget what it’s called) but DELISH. one of my fav places.

  • I totally agree that Kevin has the best faux meat I’ve ever eaten!! I requested that he carry vegan mayo though since some of us like the “western” type sandwiches. The baguette is warm and crunchy and the ham is to “die for” :).

  • FYI, Kevin told me the last time I went that only the ham is made in-house. So I had a ham spring roll and that same ham sandwich.

    I haven’t eaten soy meats at any restaurant besides the Veggie Grill and the above-mentioned ham ever since Operation Pancake. I trust Kevin but I’m still worried about lax labeling in Taiwan.

  • I would be somewhat skeptical about the bread for the banh mi bread also, at least without better reassurance that there isn’t any.

    While most French baguettes are made the traditional way with just flour, water, yeast, and salt, from what I’ve been able to tell from asking at places like Lee’s, many (most?) of the Vietnamese bakeries put a coating of butter on top of the bread before baking. Kevin says that he would be able to smell it if there were butter, but I am not so sure.

    Anyway, it’s entirely possible that the bread is vegan, but if I wanted to eat the Vinh Loi banh mi, I would probably try to get him to tell me who bakes the bread and check with them.

    They make the ham in-house? I’d think that would be hard. The mock duck seems like it would be Ok – it tastes like the canned wheat gluten mock duck, not like processed soy.

  • @will: I trust vinh loi tofu with their bread 100%. Not only is kevin (the owner) vegan himself, but the buns are not shiny like they would be if they were coated in butter or egg wash. PLUS, vinh loi passed our scientific vegan test with flying colors.

    This place is legit. I have NO doubt about it.

  • I finally made the long drive from West LA to Vihn Loi Tofu last week and tried the ham sub.

    Kevin sure knows how to make fake meats…almost too realistic for me. The ham was almost melting in my mouth. The crunchy bread, hot chilis, and fresh cilantro were a terrific compliment to the “pig” pieces.

    Pretty good! Not sure I am brave enough to try mock duck tho 🙂

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