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    September 24th, 2009quarrygirllas vegas, more restaurants (not LA)


    ronald’s donuts in las vegas are known to be the best vegan donuts ever. quite possibly the best vegan desserts ever. however, they are so cheap, so good, and so “real” tasting…they often leave people wondering if they are really vegan. i mean, why is this little hole in the wall shop in nevada the only place to master the art of the vegan bear claw?

    some internet digging produced stories of rey ortega from sun flour baking having the donuts tested for veganocity, but the actual lab results were nowhere to be found. well thanks to mr. wishbone, the stealth agent behind operation pancake (our undercover investigation of the ingredients at LA vegan restaurants), we were able to get our hands on rey ortega’s report.


    the results for the glazed donuts tested show that if any egg white was present, it was below the threshold they could detect. although rey didn’t have the samples tested for milk products, at least we can rest assured that the donuts don’t contain egg…which is a prominent ingredient in every donut recipe i can find online.

    i definitely feel comfortable enough to continue eating ronald’s donuts after these results, but stay tuned…maybe we can get these suckers tested for milk in the future. until then, let’s give rey ortega of sun flour baking a big shout out for getting the donuts tested. doing this stuff isn’t easy or cheap, and now we can all eat our sweets with peace of mind.

    and thanks to mr. wishbone for the tip. DONUTS.

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  • Hollaaaa to rey!! Awesome 🙂

    As soon as I saw this blog title my stomach sank, but after reading it, PHEW! I believe whole-heartedly Ronald’s is doing a great service to the vegan community of vegas (and CALI!), I really don’t want to be let down! lol

  • if they don’t have eggs i feel pretty confident they’re vegan. it’s amazing how fresh they taste even after a few days, the other vegan donuts i’ve had dried out in a matter of hours. maybe it was the oil.

  • They look so good! Send some to Canada! lol

  • Wow! I need me some Ronald’s STAT!! Thanks for the findings. Another great service your team has done for the vegan community. Rock on!!

  • I could have saved Ray some $ and personally vouched for them, lol. The owners there are so nice, I’m sure if he’d asked he could have put on a hair net and helped them make them. I can’t believe peeps can’t tell the difference! Those donuts go through me like liquid spit fire and royally f’ up my whole system. I think its the super amounts of yeast or something. I prefer me some mighty’os but hey 5am in Vegas these can’t be beat, just don’t eat to many (aka a dozen) PACE YOURSELF

  • YAY! I was worried for a second but am relieved now. DONUTS!!!!!!!

  • Several people have developed personal relationships with the owners over the years and have had access to the ingredient lists, which have been checked countless times.

    redundant, and unnecessary – except for fanatics. Rey should have saved his money for the so-called “vegan” restaurants in LA that violate CA law every time they deny someone access to ingredients lists of prepared foods.

  • What is non-dairy Bolivarian cream? The article
    says that one of the ingredients that they use
    in the vegan doughnuts. I would like to try to make my own vegan doughnuts at home in L.A. and avoid the
    drive to Vegas.

  • Why go through all this trouble–why not just thoroughly ask the donut maker what the use? Just say you’d like to have their donuts but you have allergies to eggs and dairy and then they’ll definitely make sure to tell you the truth…

  • Most Whole Foods in SoCal sell Vegan Donuts in the bakery section next to the muffins and bagels. They are the cake kind, though.

  • Ronald’s vs Whole Foods = Ronald’s by a MILE! Yay! Let’s all go to Vegas and eat donuts and see The Beatles – LOVE at The Mirage!

  • @Cecelia:

    “Bolivarian Cream” is a typo I think… they probably mean “Bavarian” Cream, a egg-stabilized pastry cream used to fill things such as eclairs.

    Check vegan baking books (Perhaps The Joy Of Vegan Baking) for a veganized version of Bavarian Cream. (It’s basically like a thick vanilla pudding, but I’ve made a mocha pastry cream that was even better than vanilla, just add some espresso powder. It goes great in any chocolate-dipped pastry.)

    Here’s a basic recipe from The Vegan Chef:


    Mr. W

  • Mr Wishbone – You’re a star!!

    I wondered if it was a typo.


  • @ James – great thought, but I find it’s wishful thinking to say that a businessperson will tell you the truth.

    Rey is the bomb. In a good way.

  • Oh man, this scared me for a minute! So glad they checked out!

  • When visiting Ronalds we asked about how they came about serving vegan donuts and the lady there said her broher is vegan, so that’s why they originally started doing it.

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