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    September 11th, 2009quarrygirlfatty's & co, LA restaurants


    fatty’s & co in eagle rock is a very special place. the small eatery focuses on fine gourmet-style meat-free cuisine with good wine, and an upscale atmosphere. you wouldn’t think eagle rock is the kind of place where you’d find a fancy vegetarian restaurant, but it is. granted, the menu at fatty’s is a little heavy on the dairy side, but the vegan dishes they do serve are nothing short of excellent.

    recently i dined at fatty’s and ordered the first vegan entree listed on the menu, the chartreuse. the description boasted that it was the “original dish of the Carthusian monks,” so i just had to give it a try.

    chartreuse: The original dish of the Carthusian monks using layers of braised spinach, carrots, beets and celery root, served here with herb crusted tofu fillets a la dijonnaise and mushroom velouté. $15

    chartreuse: The original dish of the Carthusian monks using layers of braised spinach, carrots, beets and celery root, served here with herb crusted tofu fillets a la dijonnaise and mushroom velouté. $15

    the dish reminded me of an even more delicious version of a red beet tartare, complete with braised spinach, beets and carrots sitting on a pond of tasty gravy. it was all topped off with two huge slices of crusted tofu, that tasted eerily close to battered and fried fish…but in a good way, not a gross way. although the dish was moderately-sized, it was extremely filling—there was so much flavor and richness packed into each bite. i assure you, monks never ate this well.

    with each entree ordered, you receive your choice of vegan soup or salad. i went with the salad, which turned out to be much more interesting than i expected. this was no green salad, mind you, but a clump of pureed jimaca mixed with other vegetables in a light sauce and garnished with blueberries and pine nuts. it was cool, crisp, and oh so refreshing.


    you end up paying a bit more at fatty’s, but the beautiful presentation and high-quality ingredients make up for it. it’s not often that vegans get to partake in a true fine dining experience, so i suggest you check this place out as soon as you can. just be sure to make reservations. fatty’s is packed during peak hours!


    fatty’s & co
    1627 Colorado Blvd.
    Eagle Rock, CA 90041

    Wednesday – Saturday 6pm – 10pm
    Sunday 5pm – 9pm
    Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

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  • I’ve been wanting to try Fatty’s for a long time and just haven’t found the right occasion yet. Soon, I hope! Your meal looks delicious.

  • an even more delicious beet tartare?! impossible! i need to try this stuff.

  • vegyogini.. lunchtime or dinner time is always the right time.

    is breakfast time good for fatty’s? i’m hungry now, are they open?

  • I’m so glad to see this review–the boyfriend and I have our one year anniversary coming up and I was thinking of doing a fancy tasting menu somewhere, but really, we are broke, so Fattys looks like an amazing gourmet, but not crazy ass expensive, alternative! And do I remember hearing they have a vegan chocolate souffle!?

  • You should have gotten the fudgey!

  • Fatty’s is one of my favorite restaurants. Their roasted vegetable salad with tofu, potato tacos (prepared vegan, of course), and vegan ravioli are all delicious. I also second the recommendation for the fudgey!

  • I made a map of the Vegan-friendly restaurants near my house. For the longest time, my boyfriend and I would go to the same 2 spots over and over… get’s old pretty quick. Having a handy map to remind us of the options has been a life saver when we’re in a hurry and want to get something quick. Many of the new items have been posted based on the stuff Quarry Girl tries.

    I’ll add this Fatty’s place as one to try! Thanks for checking it out for us!

    Anyway, wanted to share. We update all the time. Enjoy!


  • anika, that’s awesome! definitely some places on that map i need to try.

    some quarrygirl readers also made this google map of all the places we’ve reviewed. check it out! http://tr.im/qgirl

  • Ohh, another reason to visit Eagle Rock.

  • I refuse to go to Fatty’s since they stopped serving brunch. They claim there’s no chance at all that they’ll bring it back. They had the best vegan French toast in LA, hands down, and overall pretty delicious brunch.

    It was great as a breakfast / lunch place, but I don’t really like the owners’ new concept, and their prices also went up a little higher than I think the quality and location really justifies. Changing the sloppy joe to use puff pastry instead of bread was a slightly pretentious move too.

  • I’ve REALLY been meaning to try this place. The funny thing is that some people don’t realize it’s a vegetarian restaurant, since they don’t use fake meat. Just veggie-based dishes!

    I’ve heard the owner can be a piece of work and the staff can be super incompetent and rude. But then, I’m nice to wait staff and I also know several people who have had pleasant experiences there, so I’m willing to try it.

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