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    August 29th, 2009quarrygirlnews, other, vegan stuff
    a taste of life soul food  combo

    a taste of life soul food combo

    okay, so there’s three events going on this weekend that you should be aware of. choose wisely.

    1.) vegan soul food bbq
    get your weekend started right with a back-to-school vegan bbq in inglewood sponsored by a taste of life. food will be served from 10am to 3pm, plus there will be live music, kids’ activities, speakers and more. if you don’t have plans today, this would be a good bet. a taste of life serves up the best soul food i’ve ever had, and some of the best vegan food in all of los angeles. for info on this event, check out their flyer or PETA’s website.

    2.) rockin’ vegan breakfast
    the first thing up tomorrow is a vegan breakfast concert at downtown venue the smell. the headline act is ted leo and the pharmacists, supported by davila 666 and moses campbell. the menu consists of vegan pancakes, tofu tacos, and coffee. show starts at 11:30am, it’s 8 bucks, and it’s all ages. for more info check out the announcement on losanjealous.com.

    3.) vegan vietnamese and beer
    if you wake up a bit later on sunday mornings, or if you are still feeling hungry after your large helping of rock and vegan pancakes…head on over to the verdugo bar for board games, beer, and (vegan-friendly) bbq. while it may not prove to be the epic 100% animal-free feast that was the hot knives gnosh pit a few weeks ago, the up and coming soon-to-be vietnamese food truck mandoline grill will be serving vegan friendly offerings including cha gio (spring rolls) and lemongrass tofu banh mi.

    although the event isn’t entirely vegan, the verdugo is just about our favorite bar in town, so the fact they are offering a patio session with stuff i can eat is enough to get me down there. plus, i spoke with the person in charge at mandoline grill and they knew their stuff: no bone-char sugar in the ingredients, separate utensils, and fancy egg-replacer to boot. vegans, go check out the scene if you have a chance.

    vegan food at verdugo bar this sunday

    vegan food at verdugo bar this sunday

    have a great weekend. let me know if you hear of any more vegan events going down. and if you go to either of the shindigs i blogged about here, let me know if you had fun.

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  • Wow, the kid with the Monopoly money is freaking me out.

  • i can go to none of these. sorry folks!

  • Self-consciously aggressive grrrrls, hipsters, scenesters and other followers of fauxhemia welcome! Let’s gentrify and ‘do’ some irony! Cheers!

  • vegan brunch with ted leo was not at all what it seemed. no food in sight, just $8 to see a daytime show in the heat in a venue with no air conditioning. and plastic water bottles. terrible.

  • Have you been to Cafe Bolivar in Santa Monica yet? They are located on 18th and Ocean Park. It is a South American restaurant that has some vegan offerings. Just wanted to hear your review since you undoubtedly are the vegan restaurant guru of LA. I definitely respect your opinion. Plus if you haven’t been there yet, I thought that I would fill you in.


  • I didn’t see Taste of Life at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market this weekend. Maybe they were recovering from Saturday?

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