• hugo’s restaurant: where vegans and omnivores collide

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    hugo’s restaurant is a great little los angeles eatery that caters to both herbivores and omnivores alike. they have 2 locations, one in studio city and one in west hollywood. their menu is extremely vegan-friendly, with so many options i could never possibly try them all. plus they have a cool little easy-to-read legend on the menu that lets you know which stuff is safe to eat. ▼means the item is vegan, while (▼) means the item can be made vegan. simple. how rad would it be if everywhere gave us this much support?!

    vegan breakfast burrito with scrambled tofu, vegan cheese, and breakfast potatoes. $11

    vegan breakfast burrito with scrambled tofu, vegan cheese, and breakfast potatoes. $11

    my most recent meal at hugo’s was a veganized breakfast burrito stuffed tight with tofu, vegan cheese and tomatoes with a heaping side of breakfast potatoes. i was kinda nervous about the vegan cheese, after finding that so many restaurants may lie and mislabel their cheese. fortunately when the waiter brought out the burrito, i instantly recognized the unmelted mass covering my entree.


    that’s right, i confirmed it was follow your heart brand vegan gourmet. even with daiya and teese available, it seems that most restaurants resort to this boring stuff. ok, so it doesn’t melt and it’s not very good….but at least it’s vegan and it’s better than no cheese. i actually quite enjoyed it on the hugo’s breakfast burrito.

    inside the burrito, was some extremely tasty tofu with a texture that can’t be beat. thick firm slabs, but still kind of scrambly…if that makes any sense. i loved it. even with the unmelty follow your heart cheese, this breakfast was on point!


    my only qualm with this meal is that it was a little pricey. $11 for a breakfast burrito and some potatoes is pretty steep…but what the hell, this is a trendy location in weho and the food was damn delicious.

    vegans, go to hugo’s. and if you have to stoop so low as to hang out with omnivores (yugghghghghhghggh!), this would be a great place to take them. just be sure to avoid the french fries. i hear they aren’t vegan. just be sure to grill your waiter about all the extras when you order a vegan-optional dish.

    it seems like every time i go to hugo’s, it’s for breakfast. i need to hit them up for lunch or dinner soon because the menus look amazing. to be continued….

    hugo’s restaurant
    8401 Santa Monica Blvd.
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
    (323) 654-3993

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  • hugo’s is the BOMB. seriously, i can go there with pretty much anyone no matter what their diet. they just need some more vegan desserts.

    last month they had a meatball sub that you could get vegan as a special. it was so fucking good… i also love the “new american veggie burger.”

  • oh and i should note they’re like the only place that makes FYH taste good.

  • Shar Gorgiiss

    It’s funny – I was chatting yesterday in an NYC with a woman who moved to Iowa a few years ago, and she’s also vegan like us. She has NO restaurants offering ANY kind of non-dairy substitute. If you like a certain brand, ask them to use it. If they choose not to, either find out why or stop frequenting the establishment.

  • $11 is actually getting out of Hugo’s pretty cheap!

    I bet that burrito is just as good without any fake cheese at all… looks like it’s got a tasty sauce on it.

  • WOW! That burrito makes the trek out to WeHo seem totally worth it! So far I’ve only experienced the Hugo’s Taco Stand in Atwater Village and am obsessed. 😀

  • Oh i havent been there since they were closed down for multiple health violations.

    Date Closed: May 15, 2007
    (remains closed, now being renovated)

    Date Closed: May 07, 2007
    Date Reopened: May 10, 2007

  • that looks soooooooooooo good.

    nina b. really missed out on a great post.

  • Scott, Studio City Hugo’s never had any health code problems… go there!

  • I haven’t been to Hugo’s in years, but I vow to go again soon! The menu looks amazing. I’ve been to Hugo’s Tacos recently, though. 🙂

  • We have had FYH cold just by itself, on crackers, on pizza, in calzones, in lasagna,etc. Always good and always melty (when it was supposed to be, except for the calzone but that seemed to be because the temp wasn’t high enough).

    We do not like Teese (flavor or texture). FYH does melt if use correctly and when it came to melting Teese was worse than FYH (for us anyway).

    Made this comment on an old pizza topic,but is still relevant.

    “Follow your heart melts you just have to put it on the pizza first then the sauce and toppings. This allows it to stay melted longer as well. It is liquidy/creamy and tastes delicious.

    Personally we thought Teese was pretty crappy. It didn’t melt well at all and turned solid pretty quickly after it did melt (even if we put the sauce and toppings on top). And we didn’t think it tasted very good. We had hopes especially because we have heard so much about Chicago Soydairy (and we have now tried and love Temptation Ice Cream and Woz has tried Dandies and thinks they are pretty good) and wanted to like it.

    We have tried Daiya and it is really good. It has a better consistency than other soy cheeses and is slightly stringy,but nowhere close to the stringyness of some dairy cheese. It was nice to have a Vegan cheese that was melted but not so liquidy it would just run off of the pizza if you tilted it too far haha. The flavor was good,but we find the flavor of FYH Vegan Gourmet to be slightly better.

    So overall we would probably have FYH and Daiya as a tie. One has a slightly better texture and one has a slightly better taste. So we would probably just go for whichever is easiest to attain/cheaper. We have been eating FYH for quite a while and it did take a while for us to get to the point where we like it so much (We will now eat it just by itself and before we wouldn’t). We didn’t care too much for the flavor of uncooked Daiya. So maybe after a while we will like Daiya better? You never know!”

  • Guys – ask questions at Hugos, even w/ the stuff you THINK would be vegan. I found out (way too late) that they make the tofu scramble w/ butter. WTF would you make tofu scramble w/ butter!?!?!? So – if you get breakfast..make sure to tell them ..NO F’ing BUTTER!

  • miss anthrope

    greg – when i went, i did notice that the tofu scramble had the vegan optional symbol by it. i thought it was weird that you had to request the scramble be made vegan…now i guess i know why! 🙁

  • I’ve only been to their taco stand in Atwater since I can bike to it. But it sounds like I should be going to their restaurant since their menu offers way more than the taco/burritos of the stand.

  • Funny that I’m just seeing this today. I took friends there last night and had such a LAME server that at this point I am hella annoyed. In February I posted some positive comments about Hugo’s…but I can say confidently it will be a long damn time before I go there again.

    Long ago I did get confirmation from the chef by email that the cheese was indeed FYH.

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