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    May 26th, 2009quarrygirlice pan (closed), LA restaurants

    UPDATE 2011: this place has closed.

    los angeles vegans with a big time sweet tooth, you need to pick yourselves up stat and head over to ice pan in west hollywood. the ‘natural’ and ‘nutritious’ ice cream parlor offers ten low sugar, low fat flavors with no added preservatives, all of which can be made vegan by choosing the soy milk option. i checked ice pan out over the weekend and ordered their nondairy chocolate ice cream with oreo topping, which did not disappoint.

    chocolate and oreo soy ice cream. $4.95

    chocolate and oreo soy ice cream. $4.95

    for a dessert that prides itself on being ‘healthy,’ this stuff sure was creamy and decadent tasting. the soy ice cream could definitely pass for the real thing, and the crispy little oreo bits added a delightfully crunchy texture. oh, and i’m leaving out probably the coolest thing about ice pan: they make the ice cream right there in front of you! you get to watch as they blend up your ice cream and milk mixture, poor it onto the ice pan and mix it until it becomes firm. then they lay the toppings on top of the ice cream, mash it all up, and scoop into your container. neato! (for more about how they make it, check out this step-by-step.)


    so let’s just review here: ten flavors of ice cream with a vegan option, tons of toppings to choose from, amazing taste and creamy texture, all made right before your eyes. oh and let’s not leave out the bit about it being ‘healthier’ than normal ice cream and having no artificial flavors or preservatives. bottom line, i think you need to get down to ice pan right now and try out their vegan ice cream. you won’t be sorry.


    ice pan
    7100 Santa Monica Blvd # 135
    West Hollywood, CA 90046
    (323) 883-0267
    Mon-Sun. 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

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  • Wish I had known about this place this past weekend – I was right down the street for 3 days! Looks great. But I did enjoy Millions of Milkshakes!

  • I did not need to know this, Miss Anthrope! 😉

  • That’s funny. I don’t think I had a reason to go to the new Target mall until now but that looks pretty cool.

    From the videos it looks like making ice cream at Benihana.

  • It gets my seal of approval! When Jason told us about this place we hit it up like every other day for a month! Green Tea Soy with Mango on top is my signature Ice pan. Also if the tray is looking milking tell them to give it another wipe to avoid cow puss, they are happy to get your pan contaminate free. Really nice people, too! There is next to no fat, the ice cream gets its smoothness from sea weed and the sweetness from Jerusalem artichoke! If I lived closer I’d probably still be ice pan’n it up at least once a week. Its so nice to get a treat that isn’t a fatty sugar bomb, but still tastes like one!

  • which veganized oreo topping did they use?

  • wow, a vegan coldstone! 😀

  • Oh, I am SO in to this! Take me there!

  • At my vegan restaurant, everything is 100% vegan except that I dip most things in raw beef blood before preparing it. I won’t tell you which establishment, but I know you know it.

  • And yes, I do this because I am underpaid.

  • Oh yess!!! Down the street. Uh oh… there goes my belly! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Must try this place!!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Shucks! Double Post, Sorry.

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