• new vegan sandwiches at chango: just what you’ve been missing!

    May 18th, 2009quarrygirlchango, LA restaurants

    in the mood for a huge, hearty, warm, melty, fake-meaty vegan sandwich for under $10? look no further than chango coffee house in echo park. the hipster cofee shop/art gallery is located at echo park avenue and delta street, a spot that locals have dubbed “chicken corner,” and has recently added two unbelievably tasty vegan sandwiches to their menu. i had the chance to try both over the weekend, steak & cheese as well as chicken pesto, and each one brought a kind of sandwich satisfaction that isn’t available anywhere else in town.

    vegan steak and cheese sandwich. $7.50

    vegan steak and cheese sandwich. $7.50

    the vegan steak and cheese sandwich is basically a vegan version of your typical “philly cheesesteak,” with thick soy steak strips and dairy-free mozzarella, along with sauteed onions and mushrooms. chango toasted the sandwich when i ordered it, so the bread was warm and crispy and the soy cheese was perfectly melty. for the steak chango uses gardein, and for the cheese they use teese from chicago soy dairy…each being the best replacement out there for its animal-product counterpart. i can tell you, this steak and cheese sandwich was so amazing, even a meat-eater would fall in love with it. not since doomie’s or the vegan spot (both are closed down now) have i had such a great vegan sandwich.

    vegan chicken pesto salad panini. $7.50

    vegan chicken pesto salad panini. $7.50

    the vegan chicken pesto sandwich was equally impressive, with thick chunks of gardein protein, creamy cheese-less pesto sauce, fresh basil, crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes. the pesto was really garlicky, just the way i like it, and the bread heated up to be perfectly toasty and crunchy. where else can you buy a big chunky chicken pesto sandwich that’s vegan in los angeles?!? …that’s right. nowhere.

    the thing i love about chango’s new sandwiches, are they are unlike the normal “vegan” sandwich options you can get just about anywhere. rather than just some grilled vegetables and maybe tofu on a bread roll, chango take its vegan sandwiches to the next level with fake meats, soy cheeses, and incredible homemade pesto sauce. plus, they are really well prepared, perfectly assembled with just the right amount of ingredients, and toasted to absolute perfection. you aren’t gonna get any other sandwich this good for well under 10 dollars, i guarantee you.


    the atmosphere is also great at chango, it reminds me of a hip seattle coffee shop with its bohemian customers, shelves full of books to peruse, and bright art adorning the wall. seriously, it’s the perfect place to sit back and relax with a cup of caffeine and a huge vegan sandwich. get your ass over to chango asap and see what this food is all about. the vegan items are listed right now on the “specials” chalkboard to the left of the counter, not on the main board.


    chango coffee house
    1559 Echo Park Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

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  • Thank you. That looks so freakin’ good.

  • Wow, that looks amazing!

  • Can’t wait to try those!

  • Since these are new items at Chango I thought to call and see how many they had for lunch today. They sold out! It looks like trying them tomorrow is best. They promised to order more at a time so should be stocked better moving forward. They must not have anticipated the response these would have. 🙂 Tomorrow there will be PLENTY. (I still suggest calling prior to going.)

  • miss anthrope

    julie: i just talked to chango and they are gonna start getting more every day, so the sandwiches are ALWAYS going to be available.

    i seriously suggest you guys go get these sandwiches, they are the best in town and so good for the price. you must try both!

  • DO WANT.

    can’t wait to try it out this week!

  • Those look amazing. Especially the second one.

  • went today at 12:30pm, and they only had ONE vegan sandwich (philly cheesesteak) left, so i second julie’s advice to call before you go.

    i was stoked to try, however the sandwich was pre-made and just heated up, overly bready and the cheese was nowhere near melty…in general, a bummer and not even in the same league as vegan spot’s philly steak was.

  • Chango checks out this site and the comments. Bet ya Sara’s comment gets noticed and these things will get even better. 🙂 When I used to create new sandwiches for my coffee house, they would be tweaked a lot the 1st few weeks. These JUST came out they’ll beat Vegan Spot’s soon I hope.

  • I tried the vegan pesto sandwich, it was very good!!

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