• no whey bake sale for charity! come buy TWINKIES!

    May 13th, 2009quarrygirlnews, other, vegan bakers

    hey los angeles vegans, i have some pretty exciting news for you! on thursday may 14th at noon, jennshaggy of vegan twinkie fame will be selling some of her beloved treats as well as a slew of other no whey baked goods in hollywood to benefit various animal charities. since jenn has retired from baking officially, and her goods are no longer available, i highly suggest you get out to hollywood tomorrow and pick up as many twinkies and cookies as you can carry!

    here are all the important details:
    what: no whey vegan bake sale for charity
    when: thursday may 14th, noon until sold out
    where: 7200 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046 (outside the fratelli cafe near melrose and formosa)
    baked goods: twinkies, pinwheel cookies, sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, cakes, and fudge
    price: everything will be between $2-$4


    if you have ever tried no whey twinkies, you know how bad ass they are. don’t miss this rare opportunity, these baked goods are no longer available!


    also try the pinwheel cookies, they are my personal favorite.


    i don’t know what you have planned for your lunch break on thursday, but whatever it is, drop it and get down to this bake sale at noon! see you there!

    [googleMap name=”vegan bake sale with no whey twinkies!” description=”outside fratelli cafe at melrose and formosa”]7200 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046[/googleMap]

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  • Those who are able to make it for No Whey vegan baked goodness will not be sorry!!

  • i seriously picked the worst week to start mcdougalling. guess i’m going to restart ONCE AGAIN at 12:01pm tomorrow after shoving a twinkie in my face.

  • Jenn has retired from baking! WHAT??!!!!
    It might as well be 2012. I’m a sad little bunny.
    I have to work tomorrow so I’m gonna miss out on all the fun. 🙁

  • Any idea how long she’ll be there? (I don’t want to disturb the master right now as she prepares our treats.)

  • Dude. I’ve never had one – looks like a trip is in order.

  • I totally raced over there to try to make it by noon. I was more concerned about missing out on the twinkies than being late to my next class LOL. Fortunately I got a twinkie, three chocolate chip cookies (all of which I ate because they were fuckin incredible), and pinwheel cookies. My friends are IN LOVE with the pinwheels!

  • I got there right before 1pm and there were still lots of goodies available. 3 choco chip cookies. 3 pieces of fudge. a slice of cake. and a few of the lemon cookies with icing. I’m going to be full of sugary goodness the next few days! unfortunately i didnt see any pinwheel cookies or twinkies. ah well. im more than satisfied with what i did manage to snag! 😛

  • miss anthrope

    i’m so glad so many of you went! i went and maxed out on twinkies and pinwheel cookies. i am really bummed that i didn’t get any pound cake or fudge. oh well, i can only eat so much! haha.

    i really hope jennshaggy decides to do this again. 😀

  • i walked over and arrived a few minutes before noon.
    she was just setting up but i was able to snag 2 twinkies, a chocolate chip cookie, and a bag of pinwheels.

    SO glad that i went.
    thanks so much for the info!

  • A) Quarrygirl, I can’t thank you enough. I raised almost $150 (my half of the proceeds) for an animal shelter I used to volunteer at in Youngstown. Shelters in small towns are in such danger of shutting down because the economic downturn is even worse there than booming cities.

    B) Everyone: I think I’m going to have to do this again. I felt so bad when the Twinkies were gone. My fellow vegans looked like such sad pandas when I had to break the news.

    I may be back in business soon. I’m trying to figure out a way for baking to actually be profitable for me. I’d never run a business before, and if I can find a way to do it part time, I will.


  • Jen – The twinkies were a hit! Thanks for sharing… all the best.

    Quarrygirl was spotted walking away with what looked like a bakers dozen of vegan twinkies… Dollars to donuts, she ate them all! 😉

  • “My fellow vegans looked like such sad pandas when I had to break the news.”

    LOL! The power of the Vegan Twinkie! You are too cool for using it for the greater good!

  • Rad! I wish I could have been there.

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