• happy friday! let’s eat cupcakes!

    May 1st, 2009quarrygirlcake and art, LA restaurants, vegan bakers

    hey los angeles! i just wanna update you with one more place in this town you can get vegan cupcakes, cake and art on santa monica blvd in west hollywood.

    mini vegan cupcakes

    mini vegan cupcakes

    to be honest, until recently i didn’t know this place existed. their website doesn’t even advertise vegan cupcakes, but they carry both a chocolate and vanilla flavor that are delicious. last week i had some friends over, and one of my vegan homies showed up with a box of mini cupcakes from cake and art. the moist little cakes were topped with loads of rich creamy frosting, and they were so good that we all stood around the kitchen fighting over them until not a crumb was left.

    i live pretty close to west hollywood, so it’s pretty dangerous knowing this place is around. a shop where i can stroll in off the street and get cupcakes this good is bound to lead to disaster.

    cake and art
    8709 Santa Monica Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
    (310) 657-8694

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  • That’s fantastic news! Can’t wait to try their cupcakes.

  • Yum! They should totally advertise the vegan cupcakes on their site; imagine how much their customer base would expand if more people knew about this. Well, now that the expert Quarrygirl team has reported it, they’ll have a line out the door…

  • Cool! I’m going to have to try those soon.

  • screw the cupcake, i just want all of that frosting… in my mouth.

  • That frosting was crazy light & fluffy.

  • I’ve been a vegan since 1994 and am thrilled about all of the yummy new foods restaurants are serving. They are FINALLY recognizing the Vegan community. With that said, I am a big sweets fan. LOVE MY SWEETS. I tried Cake and Art (the choc/white frosting) cupcake and found it to be a little bit too sweet. Didn’t tickle my fancy like Madeliene Bistro’s red velvet cupcakes did.

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