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    April 25th, 2009quarrygirllondon, more restaurants (not LA)

    vegans, pack your bags up and move to london. seriously, i would if i could. LA has got nothing on that place…even in terms of vegan food. london’s west end is packed with tons of meatless restaurants, and beetroot in soho is one of the best we visited. entirely vegetarian and mostly vegan, beetroot is a restaurant where you choose your container size and pay for it, then fill it up with your pick of 10 hot dishes.

    trays of vegan food at beetroot in london

    trays of vegan food at beetroot in london

    it’s kinda like a really good version of the whole foods salad bar, except there is no meat what-so-ever, and instead of paying by weight, you pay by the size of your box. oh, and you don’t fill your own container, they do it for you behind the counter. i guess that’s more sanitary, but also a little awkward ’cause i kept going, “can you fit one more scoop in there, please? go on, do it!”

    beetroot medium box

    beetroot medium box

    i got a medium box and filled it with a mish-mash of delicious vegan goodies. just like at whole foods, your selections end up all on top of each other. curry, atop salad, atop pasta, atop hummus….bring it the fuck on! mix it all up and eat it bitches! the best thing at beetroot (and i was tempted to get an ENTIRE BOX just full of them)…was the vegan sausage rolls. so damn delicious, the tiny puff pastry parcels filled with soya mince were meaty, buttery and flaky all at once. i gotta find a way to re-create them.

    vegan sausage roll

    vegan sausage roll

    dude, i could totally eat this whole tray…sausage rolls FTW!!


    so when in london, visit beetroot for delicious vegan food! it’s perfect for everyone. you can get a super junk food fix (a box of sausage rolls) or eat extremely healthy (loads of greens)…plus they have 3 different portion sizes to choose from. no matter what mood you are in, beetroot is the way to go. plus, who doesn’t love an all vegetarian business?


    92 berwick st.
    westminster, london, uk
    0207 437 859
    Monday – Friday 9am – 9pm
    Saturday 11am- 9pm
    Bank Holidays 11am-9pm

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  • Holy wow! we’ll be heading there for sure!

  • This was the first restaurant I tried I went to London for the first time last summer!
    I loved it.
    I didn’t eat at all on the plane and arrived starving. I think I got a scoop of everything that was vegan, haha. And had an amazing mango smoothie. I look forward to going back this summer. And, I concur about those sausage rolls.

  • Ooh, thanks for doing these posts on London! I’ve sent them to my vegetarian friend there who is interested in going vegan. I got way too excited about the Whole Foods. I think I squealed.

  • Hi,

    I’ve been researching vegan places to eat, and this review came up. Can you tell me please, are all the vegan options clearly marked in this cafe? I hate going into restuarants and asking a million questions about what’s in this and that. Thanks 😀

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