• falafel queen: vegan food at london’s camden market

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    if you go to london, be sure not to leave without hitting up camden market. the open-air market has been going on since the 70s, draws about 100,000 people each weekend, and is packed with tons of cool stalls, shops, pubs and restaurants. whether you want a pair of wacky socks, a purse, a whole new wardrobe or just some shit that glows in the dark…you can find it at camden market. definitely go on a saturday or sunday, it will be pretty crowded, but at least everything will be open. and after you work up a massive appetite from all that shopping, drop by and grab some vegan lunch from camden lock’s falafel queen.

    camden market...shopping makes vegans HUNGRY

    camden market...shopping makes vegans HUNGRY

    the 100% vegetarian falafel stand is located in the middleyard section of the camden lock market and appears to be all vegan as well. i didn’t see any dairy products or eggs on the menu. the falafel queen is open on weekends from 10am until 5pm and serves up pipin’ hot falafel sandwiches, fresh salads, crispy chips and cold drinks. oh, and the falafel balls are cooked right there on the spot as well, super fresh!

    falafel queen: pita bread with salads, tabuli, corn, hummos, tahini, warm chickpeas, and chili sauce. £4.50

    falafel queen: pita bread with salads, tabuli, corn, hummos, tahini, warm chickpeas, and chili sauce. £4.50


    the falafel queen definitely doesn’t skimp on the ingredients when she serves up your sandwich, either. she has huge bowls filled with fresh vegetables and big pots of sauces, and you can basically stand there and tell her exactly what you want. it’s a bit like maoz falafel, except they fill your pita up for you. everything at is extremely fresh and high-quality, and the little crispy falafel balls are fried to perfection.


    so londoners and london visitors, definitely hit up camden market on the weekend for some fun shopping and fine vegan food. the falafel queen doesn’t disappoint.


    the falafel queen vegetarian
    Camden Lock’s Middle Yard next to the famous Dingwalls Dancehall
    saturday and sunday 10am – pm

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  • I love outdooor markets like this… even more so when I know there’s delicious food to be enjoyed in the thick of it!

    What’s the purple stuff? Are those pickled turnips?

  • miss anthrope

    i am pretty sure those were pickled turnips! the cool thing is, there was just LOADS of appetizing stuff there and you could be like, “i’ll take that, and THAT and thaaat…” and she just keeps filling up the pita. hell yeah!

  • I could eat a jar of pickled turnips all to myself.

  • CAMMMMDEEENNNNN!!! (to the tune of Col. Klink from Hogan’s Heroes.)

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