• quiznos finally has food for vegans!

    April 3rd, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, quiznos

    for a long time, quiznos has been a place for vegans to avoid. up until very recently, all of their breads have contained dairy, making it impossible to order a vegan sandwich. all this has changed though, with the introduction of the torpedo!

    vegan quiznos torpedo: guacamole, black olives, lettuce, tomato, red onions, mushrooms. (no cheese, no vinaigrette) $4

    vegan quiznos torpedo: guacamole, black olives, lettuce, tomato, red onions, mushrooms. (no cheese, no vinaigrette) $4

    the new sleek sandwich is over one foot long, about two inches wide, and comes on baked ciabatta bread that is delicious and dairy-free. although none of the standard torpedo combinations are vegan (or even vegetarian), you can order a vegan sandwich by getting a torpedo with the the veggie sub fillings, minus the cheese and vinaigrette (which contains dairy). the end result is actually extremely tasty, and a damn good deal for 4 bucks. plus, isn’t it great to know we vegans can finally eat at quiznos?!?! i am sooo burnt out on subway.

    oh, and you get extra credit vegan points if you bring in your own tofurky and add it to your sandwich. it really takes the torpedo to the next level.

    vegan quiznos torpedo with some added tofurky action

    vegan quiznos torpedo with some added tofurky action

    so there you have it. vegan fast food for under 5 dollars. if you are ever stranded in need of a vegan meal, chances are you are probably near a quiznos. do the torpedo!

    oh, and in case you were wondering…my friend double checked with the quiznos hq about the torpedo bread being vegan, and they sent her a list of ingredients in the ciabatta. click here if you want to check them out.

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  • I’m trying this out today! looks delicious

  • I’m shocked! As a vegetarian, I used to eat their grilled cheese and it was good. I almost never eat fast food, but I’m always happy to know what my options are. Thanks!

  • HOLY CRAP THAT IS GENIUS! Tofurky needs to give you a commission after this one!

  • Get the full ingredient list on that bread from your local store! Here in NY the torpedo contains L-cysteine which isn’t vegan (or vegetarian) and mono/di-gylcerides that aren’t specified as vegetable based.

  • Thanks for the info! Good to know in case of travel and limited options.

  • Nice! I have avoided Quiznos like the plague but may actually give them a try now. I’m glad I’m not the only vegan-dork who brings their own fixins’. I always bring my own ‘better than cream cheese’ with me when I get bagels at the local bakery and feel like a nerd but do it anyway. :c) Its so dang good! Thanks for the info!

  • its always good to have this for a plan C.

    i prefer the Hummus sandwhich at Togos over subway and quiznos

  • Ewww… I just looked up L-cysteine. Not only is it derived from feathers and pig bristles, but also HUMAN HAIR!

    “There is some debate as to whether or not consuming L-cysteine derived from human hair constitutes cannibalism.”

    WTF is that shit doing in food?

  • miss anthrope

    yeah that’s pretty gross. turns out that stuff can be animal-derived, human-derived, or neither. shit. i am following up with the company.

  • I believe its synthetic l-cysteine at Quizno’s, but I’m emailing their corp office to get a reply of my own because I really want to eat this w/Tofurky! Talk about a life saver when you’re on the road. Here’s the funny question, if it was Human Hair (which it isn’t) how many vegans/vegs would still eat it? I mean Ingrid is BBQ’n up her body…

  • miss anthrope

    PHEW! i just got an email back from quiznos! the bread is VEGAN. the l-cysteine they use is not animal or human derived.

    anyone who wants me to forward them the email, hit me up tofurobot@quarrygirl.com….easier than posting the email in the comment section.

    btw lex, interesting question!

  • Now, if they would only hire people who aren’t brain dead.!

  • Lex, for some reason I am not as disturbed by the idea of being a cannibal than I am by the idea of eating non-human animals. Hair is actually a lot less gross than some of the other far more sinister shit that gets hidden in our food (Carmine, anyone?). Not saying I want to eat hair, but honestly just the idea of cows milk is so much more disgusting to me.

    Just remember kids, SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!

  • Passing this on to Ryan, the sandwich lover!

  • not trying to burst anyone’s bubble here, but did you ask about the “enzymes” and the “mono and diglycerides”. those also can be derived from animal sources.

  • wow I’m impressed. i work at a quiznos and had no idea that the torpedo bread was dairy free. I have a milk allergy, so i am happy to hear there is a sandwich i can eat

  • How many points would this sandwich be at Weight Watchers?

  • How many Weight Watchers points would this veggie sandwich be? It is delicious.

  • What about DATEM? Is that vegan? I see it’s in the bread.

    I have done some searching and have found conflicting information on this ingredient.

  • I had no idea you could order something vegan at this place. Good to know!!

  • As a vegetarian working at a Quiznos, I can confirm that that torpedo bread (and the other 4 normal breads) contain L-Cysteine. The flatbread and new whole grain flatbread is free of it though 🙂 At least at the moment.

  • But Quiznos confirmed that L-Cysteine was a non-animal source. Right?

  • I did some research on l-cysteine and the cap for how much it is put into bread here in the UK is 80 parts per million. From what I have read on trade and cooking discussion boards the highest amount one would put in dough as a conditioner for bread is 200 parts per million. I try to avoid it but in the grand scheme of things there were probably more animals killed to harvest the grain to make the bread than there are animals killed if you ate l-cysteine every day of your life.

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