• vegan soul food off the menu at a taste of life.

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    almost any los angeles vegan knows that a taste of life is the best place to get vegan soul food. delicious, quick, rich junk food on the cheap has given the tiny 100% vegan restaurant an incredible reputation amongst herbivores and omnivores alike. it’s a place where we can get shit like macaroni and cheese, black eyed peas, greasy kale…all with that home cooked taste…all without animal products.

    a taste of life has a farmers market stand set up every sunday in hollywood, as well as a newish store front on fountain and vermont. i’ve eaten there several times and can say that the food is all fucking fabulous.

    the last few times i’ve gone, a taste of life has had this menu out on the counter, but after talking to the dude who works there, i found out they offer tons of stuff that wasn’t even printed on the menu. 4 different kinds of burgers, pot roast, breaded pot roast, gyro meat and so much more. since then, a taste of life has revamped its website and added some of the secret items, but they still aren’t all on there. i suggest you call and ask what about their options. there is so much stuff i am dying to try.

    a tasted of life lentil burger $5

    a tasted of life lentil burger $5

    we tried out the lentil burger and it was awesome. it stands right up there with all the best vegan burgers in town, and makes for a great option if you want some greasy tasting junk food.

    we also tried the pot roast, which isn’t on the menu, and it was some of the best wheat meat i’ve ever had.

    a taste of life pot roast. incredible!

    a taste of life pot roast. incredible!

    when i raved about the pot roast to the guy working there, he told me they also do a fried breaded version of it, and he gave me a free sample. this was so ridiculously good, although eating an entire portion of it would probably kill me.

    a taste of life fried pot roast. mmmm.

    a taste of life fried pot roast. mmmm.

    they can also make you a side of gyro meat, which is similar to the pot roast but not quite the same. i suggest you try both and decide what you like best…they are both tasty as can be.

    a taste of life gyro meat

    a taste of life gyro meat

    for those of you who don’t like fake meat, a taste of life has several options to please you. grab a dinner combination with mac n cheese, black-eyed peas, kale and bbq tofu. the mac n cheese is known to be the best vegan mac in los angeles, i mean even whole foods stocks it…it’s that damn good.

    mac n cheese, black-eyed peas, kale and bbq tofu

    mac n cheese, black-eyed peas, kale and bbq tofu

    they’ve also got like a million soups, and even some of those aren’t on the menu! on my last visit i got some chicken noodle and loved it.

    a taste of life chicken noodle soup.

    a taste of life chicken noodle soup.

    there is seriously so much to choose from at a taste of life, and so many secret menu items, i doubt i could ever try all the food they have to offer. plus the dishes are all so decadent and ridiculously delicious…now when i go there i have a really hard time trying new stuff, because the old stuff is all so good! oh, why do you do this to me, a taste of life?! …and i haven’t even tried their shakes or raw items yet!

    if you haven’t been to a taste of life, you sure are missing out.

    a taste of life
    4718 fountain avenue #D (upstairs)
    los angeles ca 90029

    closed monday
    9am-10pm tues-thurs
    9am-2am fri-sun

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  • yummmm. I normally try to stay away from Taste of Life just because I end up eating waaaaay too much when I go there, but I had my bday recently so as a present to myself I let myself totally pig out. I think the lasagna has surpassed the mac n cheese as my favorite. It is sooo good. That chicken soup looks awesome–like a vegan version of good ole Campbells. I’m gonna have to try it soon.

  • that gyro meat was amazing. Yo Soy Liz: I completely concur with you on the risk of over-eating at Taste Of Life. The food is amazing and the prices are reasonable – I just hope they never open a dine-in restaurant with tap beer or I’d probably never go anywhere else! They rock. I love them.

  • stop making me want to move to LA! I can’t do it!


  • Oh, yeah, I’m DEFINITELY missing out. I need to go there soon!

  • I have dreams about their BBQ tofu. I need to go back. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Oh man, I need to go there! How does the pot roast stack up to Doomie’s? Ever since I had Doomie’s, I want it all of the time.

  • wow, I never even thought to ask if they had any unlisted menu items. good job. im gonna start asking that very question at more places from now on.

    looking forward to going back there soon

  • also has anyone had their pizza?
    i might have to try that next time

  • Their pot roast is so amazing, like Adriana above I sometimes find myself fantasizing about it late at night when there’s nothing I can do about it. I seriously think that it’s the most delicious of any fake meat product I’ve had anywhere… either prepackaged or prepared at a restaurant. I have no idea how they do it! Pot roast isn’t something I would have ever enjoyed even when I did eat meat, but this stuff is something else entirely.

    I recently picked up a to-go container of their faux-chicken salad when I was a Locali. I must admit it’s the first thing of theirs I’ve tried that I didn’t like. I was surprised by how gross I found it to be, tasted nothing like chicken salad (which would be ok), but it didn’t taste like anything I wanted to actually eat either. Oh well, the 10 million other amazing things they offer more than make up for it!

    Damn it, now I won’t be able to rest until I try that fried pot roast!

    p.s… glad they updated to a new & functional website, not glad that it’s built in Flash, has annoying music, and is obnoxious to navigate. Also not glad that their old website used to link to mine, while the new one does not. That blows, Taste of Life!

  • after reading this blog, i had to go there last night. Technically they were closed but the owners were eating dinner there for themselves so they invited us in and fired up the grills. They were all very friendly and even made us sample their awesome ginger drink. I didnt think i would like it but it was fantastic. So glad they offered it.

    as far as the dinner goes the 2 of us ordered pot roast, lasagna, mac and cheese. This comes with cornbread,kale, side salad (we went green) and soup (split pea). Its a little confusing ordering from the menu so we added a Chix Sandwhich. The pot roast and Mac n Cheese were some of the best vegan foods i have tasted after 15 years. The lasagna was super tasty and so was the kale (and i usually dont love kale). Cornbread makes you wonder if it is vegan as its so moist and fresh. The pea soup was delicious esp with the mushrooms they put in it.
    The Chix sandwhich was huge and homemade just not some grocery store brand.

    overall this place was awesome. so glad you reviewed it. lets spread the word.

  • Oh I am obsessed with them! I always get the kale and BBQ tofu at the farmers market mmm. Their mac and cheese is so close to the real thing that it’s scary! I want that recipe!

  • Just tried this place for lunch w/an omni friend yesterday. Everything was AMAZING! The service was superb, the owner was soooo nice and helpful. The mac & cheese is definately out of this world as was everything else we tried. I brought home 3 cakes, 1 of each I saw on the counter. Then they start telling me about all the other goodies they have…lol. I need to go back soon!

  • I always loved the food but now the service has been improved. Now when you come you can chill outside in a lounge area, sit in more confortable chairs…the food is great – here’s the secret – always ask what’s available or new before you order b/c usually there’s something available that isn’t on the menu…what I like most about the taste of life is the chill, positive vibe….I always have a good laugh when I am here.

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