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    November 14th, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, o!burger

    ever since i found out the soy cheese at zpizza in west hollywood isn’t vegan friendly, i have been pretty much avoiding that part of town. what can i say, it brings back bad memories. well now, i have a whole new reason to go back to weho. you see, an awesome burger joint called o!burger, has been serving up healthy, organic alternatives to fast food with plenty of vegan options for quite sometime. i recently checked them out, and i think i’m addicted.

    i’ve never had a vegan meal that scratches that dirty, guilty fast food itch, but at the same time tastes unique and reassuringly healthy like the scrumptious o!veggie burger.

    the classic o!veggie: a homemade patty with spinach and corn. $7.99

    the classic o!veggie: a homemade patty with spinach and corn. $7.99

    the o!veggie is insane, unlike anything i’ve ever tasted. most burgers use soy protein or some kind of meat substitute when they go vegan, but at o!burger, they make the veggie patty with just downright genuine ingredients. their website states, “the veggie burger is made in house, filled with vegetables, oats, and corn — it’s vegan and dairy free.” i was reticent to try o!burger when i spotted it once as i cruised by on santa monica blvd. i figured they used some kind of garden burger or other unsafe patty for their veggie option. boy, was i missing out. the unexpected blend of spinach, corn and other vegetables made for an awesome surprise. i couldn’t believe how tasty it was. un-bloody-real.

    also, it came served up on a delightfully grilled bun with a huge heap of sauteed onions and cucumbers instead of pickles. a whole new experience. the patty, presentation, and additional vegetables were all spot on. i cannot believe i waited so long to try this place.

    we also grabbed an order of the o!fries, which were delicious and served up in a brown paper bag, proper fast food style. they weren’t too baked, or overly greasy. i’d say they were just right…and crinkle-cut! like when i was a kid!

    o!fries. $2.99

    o!fries. $2.99

    but that’s not all, o!burger also caters to vegans like me with a voracious appetite for sweet things. first off, they have vegan cookies, which are absolutely delicious!

    o!vegan cookie. $1.75

    o!vegan cookie. $1.75

    when i got this cookie home, it had started to melt a bit and the chocolate chips were moist and soft. seriously, it was incredible. this fast food treat didn’t even taste vegan. normal cookies: look the fuck out, this one is coming for you.

    lastly, we rounded everything off with a pleasant milkshake. we got the vegan chocolate with oat milk, and it was delish. my only qualm was that it cost $4.50! that seems like a lot for a shake…what is it with everyone driving up prices on milkshakes lately? sheesh!

    o!vegan shake. $4.50

    o!vegan shake. $4.50

    o!burger has definitely conquered the intersection of delicious and healthy. everything they serve is organic, and their vegan food is out of this world. plus, they serve it up old school burger joint style. i really feel like i’m gettin’ some down and dirty real fast food when i eat there. you definitely pay more than you would at a normal burger joint, but for organic and vegan junk food, i’ll comply.

    well done, o!burger. you may be a bit pricey, but you rock my socks off!

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  • I hadn’t heard of this place until election day when they were offering some kind of deal. I didn’t get a chance to go, though. Do you remember whether the burger patty had onions cooked into it? Onions are my equivalent of your bell peppers.

  • Holy crap, that patty looks divine! Occasionally I buy frozen vegan patties, I don’t know why, I don’t even eat them, the omni husband does. Then I feel guilty for feeding him crap. Yeah, they’re kinda crappy, I said it. =)

  • I just have one word: YUM!

    OK, a few more words… dude, I had no idea they have vegan milkshakes too! Yowza!

  • Damn it! Now that I’ve read this article and seen your pictures, ALL that I can think about it getting that burger in my mouth. Wasn’t planning a visit over the hill to WeHo today but that might have to change and it’s all your fault 😉

  • Awesome! I love this place. The owners are super nice, too!

  • vegyogini: i don’t remember if it had onions in it. you may wanna call and ask. i called them and asked about the bell peppers to make sure i was clear.

    adriana: i actually like some of the frozen veggie patties, but i can tell you, this was way better than any of them.

    foodeater: do it!!! GO TO WEHO. you know it makes sense.

    lex: i may have met the owner. there was a super nice lady there who really knew her shit. i can’t wait to go back.

  • Yep, Asian lady from Australia. They are adding more vegan items asap, too!

  • Oat milk is sooooooo good.
    Love that burger!

  • I’ve been wanting to try this place…I’m so glad you gave it the thumbs up 🙂

    I can’t wait for Thursday! I don’t know what to make. I was thinking it would be appropriate to bake something, but then again, you ladies have all had my baked goods. Maybe I should throw down appetizer style.
    I should test one of my cook-book recipes or something.

  • AND a chocolate milkshake!? Oh, good god, yum. Thanks for sharing.

  • Did you know that you can buy their Veggie Burgers in a 4pk to go!! I swear they vacuum seal them so they stay fresh. I get them at least every other weekend when my nephew is over and he wants a “burger” he LOVES them.

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