• Hayden Panettiere – Dining in Pure Luck!

    October 27th, 2008mr meanernews, pure luck (closed)

    On Friday, actress Hayden Panettiere dined in Pure Luck…. this awful amateur paparazzi video shows her very clearly getting some food! Funny thing is, the poster of the video didn’t know the name of the restaurant, and called it “Friar Tuck”… Enjoy your celebfix below, with the Pure Luck action kicking in at 00:20s.

    Link to the full story is here.


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  • Wow that would really suck not to be able to eat my potato pals in peace! What’d she do go into that bike shop and eat behind the racks? That is not living!

  • If I knew what time she went in, it might be squeal worthy. I was on campus at LACC on Friday O:)

  • Cool find. Is Hayden going vegan now? I remember her doing some “Got Milk?” ads sporting a milk-mustache, then seeing her in Japan trying to save dolphins from hunters.

  • scvegan: i doubt she’s a vegan! a lot of omnivores eat at pure luck. maybe she will become one though. that sucks about the milk commercial. poor, poor misguided youth!

  • pure luck’s clientele are probably 70% carnivorous. my reasoning being that they are constantly asking each other and the servers how “real” the “meat” tastes, in a jingoistic way. vis: “Oh, I’d love a jackfruit taco! It looks like pork, and I love pork tacos!”.

  • And I was totally there that day and saw her. funny.

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