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    on my recent trip to florida, i ate at a ton of cool veg restaurants, but none of them compared to the vegan perfection i would find at SUBLIME. actually, nowhere i’ve ever been compares to sublime, a high-class vegan eatery in ft. lauderdale, florida that boasts numerous celebrity patrons, including paul mccartney. i can safely say it is there that i ate the best meal i’ve ever had, and the owner wasn’t lying when she stopped by our table and assured us, “there’s nowhere like sublime in the entire united states.”

    i could tell the moment i walked into the entirely vegan restaurant and saw the fancy interior complete with waterfalls, the neatly dressed staff and enormous bar that i was somewhere special. i would have to treat myself to a full on slap-up meal consisting of an aperitif, an appetizer, two entrees (to be shared by me & my husband), and dessert. so that’s just what i did.

    (i apologize in advance for the dark photos in this post. sublime is a classy joint with dim lights, not ideal for taking pix that are up to snuff. you will have to believe me when i say these snapshots don’t do the food justice.)

    before we even ordered, our fabulous waiter showed up at our table with a small plate of complimentary pesto polenta. i knew we were off to a good start. it, of course, was delicious.

    pesto polenta, on the house!

    pesto polenta, on the house!

    for my pre-meal cocktail, i ordered a mojito—this is florida, after all, and drinking anything else would be a crime. it was cool and refreshing. sweet and minty. ahh.

    minty-licious mojito $8

    minty-licious mojito $8

    now, let’s get TASTY. sublime offers a pretty big appetizer menu and all of it sounds good, but one dish in particular caught my attention: sublime sliders.

    sublime sliders: cheddar, seitan steak, onion, romaine, gherkin, special sauce. $12

    sublime sliders: cheddar, seitan steak, onion, romaine, gherkin, special sauce. $12

    i see people chomping on these mini burgers in bars all the time—a common happy hour food, most weekends i find myself 3 stools away from a plate of sliders and an endless stream of bud light. being super into vegan burgers, i’ve daydreamed from time to time about creating my own cruelty-free slider recipe. unfortunately, it all falls apart when i think about forming and baking miniature buns, or getting the itsy-bitsy patties just right. luckily for me, sublime took care of all that for me. i finally know what it’s like to eat a slider…fucking awesome. if there was a vegan heaven, god would serve sublime’s sliders nightly hourly.

    after devouring my shameless, hamburger-emulating appetizer, i knew sublime was ready to bring it—i had to order some entrees that would be difficult to veganize; stuff normally reserved for omnivores. after those sliders, i had a feeling sublime would be up for the challenge.

    what better way to start than with a quiche? upon googling a quiche recipe, the first result i found called for 4 eggs, 1 cup of half & half, 1/2 cup of real mayonnaise, and 8 ounces of cheddar cheese. yep, it could skate by as vegetarian, but the quiche contains all the vegan’s worst enemies. how could any fine restaurant possibly create one that i could actually eat? i dunno. but sublime sure as fuck did.

    tuscan quiche: tofu, “mozzarella”, roasted shallots, wood-fired artichokes, braised spinach, roasted red bliss potatoes, seasonal vegetables. $16

    tuscan quiche: tofu, “mozzarella”, roasted shallots, wood-fired artichokes, braised spinach, roasted red bliss potatoes, seasonal vegetables. $16

    this quiche was off the chain: delicious, soft, melty and moist. each bite was an explosion of creamy flavor. the order also came complete with sinful oily leafy greens and perfectly grilled potatoes. i’ve never had such a perfect replication of cheese, milk and eggs all in one. this tasted REAL, sans the cruelty and dead shit. give me any omnivore, and i guarantee they would believe they were eating the bloody puss-filled dairy products they are used to. i mean this all in a good way. there is NO reason not to be vegan.

    next up, the even bigger test…PIZZA. other than tomato joe’s, nobody has made a vegan pizza that i’m totally impressed with. i knew that if sublime was on point, they’d be able to pull a out a decent vegan pizza. of course, they did.

    margherita classico: tomato, fresh basil, soy mozzarella. $12

    margherita classico: tomato, fresh basil, soy mozzarella. $12

    sublime’s vegan pizza is unique, because it doesn’t contain the crappy over-used follow your heart cheese that runs rampant here in los angeles. being a vegan cheese fanatic, i can swear that sublime’s cheese substitute tastes just like TEESE…a tasty brand that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. beyond taste, the sublime pizza’s cheese had an ever-so-slight pinkish tinge to it, another teese characteristic. of course, it was delectable. it’s so refreshing to eat vegan pizza in a restaurant, free of follow your heart’s impudent and never-melting fake cheese. this stuff was gooey and stringy, melty-licious and unruly…almost just like real cheese. a definite winner. cooked more like a fancy italian restaurant pizza, this isn’t your huge take-out, tv dinner pie. instead, sublime serves their dusty pizza on a thinner crust, with decorative garnishes and fresh light ingredients. the presentation, exquisite taste and top-notch fake cheese make this pizza an A+++++++++++++.

    after eating away and sipping cocktails into oblivion, my husband and i agreed that this was, without a doubt, the best dinner ever. sublime was truly the most special, wonderful, magical place that we’d ever eaten. there is absolutely no way we could pass up on dessert. it just wouldn’t be right, to us, and ESPECIALLY to you!

    being a choc-o-holic, i chose the chocolate nirvana cake with ice cream on the side. never before has being a vegan felt so decadent and delicious.

    chocolate nirvana: milk chocolate, kahlua butter creme, dark chocolate ganache. $11

    chocolate nirvana: milk chocolate, kahlua butter creme, dark chocolate ganache. $11

    this cake was better than any crappy vegetarian cake i’ve ever eaten. i think whoever made it possesses secret powers. seriously, it was soooo luscious. the frosting was rich and creamy, the cake itself was moist, and it came with a huge piece of chocolate candy that was sumptuous. it totally had me scraping the plate and licking the fork. even my husband, mr. “i don’t like sweet stuff” was all over it. best dessert ever. wow.

    my experience proves that only one word can describe sublime: perfect. this place is amazing, and the only thing i hate about it is that it’s located so far away from me. it’s absolutely superb—i recommend if you visit florida, or any of the surrounding states for that matter, you do whatever it takes to have dinner at sublime. it will be worth your while. i’m looking into booking another trip to florida ASAP just to eat there again.

    best food. killer atmosphere. huge selection. what more do we vegans require? plus, the rock star on my banner eats there. go there. it will be so fucking tasty!

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  • Oh wow, I’ve been waiting for your Sublime review! It looks like the owner got some talent back in there!!! Can’t wait to try those sliders!

  • This was the Sublime I remember – haven’t been there in a couple of years but want to go again. I went a few times and each time had the best vegan (or otherwise) meal I have ever had. The portions are perfect, the desserts were impossibly good (I mean how can they make cakes taste so incredible?0 and the ambiance just lovely. I am so glad you got to try the pinnacle of vegan dining at Sublime. Florida doesn’t have as many vegan restaurants as CA but the ones we do have are amazing. Sublime is the best of all.

  • Your meal looks divine. It reminds me of my experiences at Counter in NYC this past May. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about that yet. I guess that’s what VeganMoFo is for!

  • Can you imagine how giant you would be if God fed you a slider every hour, on the the hour?

  • The the? Oh yes, I liked that band…

  • lex – what happened to subime, did it go down hill at some point? dude, if it did, i can tell ya it’s back!

    nikki – i am jealous you live in florida. if i were you, i’d go to sublime every week!

    vegyogini – counter?! is that a good restaurant? i am going to NYC this month, so i need all the vegan suggestions i can get.

    foodeater – it’s vegan heaven, so all the sliders are 0 calories! yeah!

  • I will try and get there next time I’m in FL. For my money the best Vegan in the US is Millennium in SF.


  • Man, the wife, some friends and I just ate at Sublime last week and it was such a let-down. We were a party of 7 and everyone was underwhelmed. First of all, the service was terrible. Our waiter was rude and inattentive. He did not tell us specials or soups or anything. It also took an extraordinarily long time to get our entrees, and then when we ordered dessert, the staff rushed us to get out of the restaurant so they could close the place down. One of us said aloud that we should go somewhere else for drinks instead of ordering them there and another friend saw the waiter pump his fist in approval after hearing the comment.

    All of our meals were pretty crappy. I had the enchilada entree and chocolate nirvana for dessert, which were not bad, but I ended up with a stomach ache later that night. Two friends had the mac and cheese, which was totally bland and boring. Others had the mashed potatoes which were over-beaten and had the consistency of glue, with little flavor to make up for the horrible texture. Sublime was also sold out of 2 things I wanted to order, didn’t seem to care, and made no effort to make suggestions for replacements. I was really looking forward to eating at Sublime, but I walked away feeling like I wasted my money and my friends walked away hungry because their food was so bad they didn’t eat. FAIL!

  • Can u plz post the recipe for the cake?

  • I have to completely disagree with this review!! I was just there last Tuesday and in no way compares to other vegan meals that I ate while on vacation there! Service was fine and I wouldn’t eat there again if it was $5 a plate instead of the $20 a plate it is in reality!!! Don’t waste your time or money on this place!!!!!!!!!!

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