• paru’s vegetarian: not as sketchy as it looks!

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    don’t be scared when you see a ragged building on a shady stretch of sunset blvd. that looks more like a bails bond office than an eatery. after they buzz you through the creepy-looking door, you find yourself in a dimly-lit, cozy indian restaurant, where the waiters are well-dressed and the decorations are traditional. it’s like stumbling into an eerie cave and finding a perfect, warm hideaway. i avoided paru’s vegetarian for ages, and little did i know that i was completely missing out on the loveliest curry house in all of la.

    i can’t wait to return and get a full-on slap-up dinner, because on this particular visit we just opted to split a few sides…all of which were amazing.

    cauliflower with potato $7.95

    cauliflower with potato $7.95

    spinach with lentils $7.95

    spinach with lentils $7.95

    sambar lentil gravy $1.95

    sambar lentil gravy $1.95

    the food at paru’s is a welcome change; much different to the indian food i’m used to eating. you see, i’ve been getting a little fed up with curry restaurants in la. none of them compare to london establishments, and since i have been spoiled by the best curry ever at home, i’ve had no reason to eat it when i’m out. so paru’s is officially the first indian restaurant i’ve been to since i got back from a vacation in the uk…9 months ago.

    and it did not disappoint! paru’s totally redefined curry in my book. while my favorite dishes are usually full of oil and on the very saucy side, paru’s food was very light, a bit dry, but still full of flavor. paru’s really puts it best on their website when they state, “we specialize in the cuisine of South India, where cooks typically use rich spices and aromatic herbs to transform intricate conjurations of vegetables, lentils, and rice into tasty meals that are as fulfilling as they are filling.” i left completely satisfied and feeling energized. yum.

    the cauliflower and potatoes were fantastic, but my favorite dish was the spinach and lentils. it went down perfectly with a side of pulau rice that was littered with peas and carrots. the paratha was also delicious—fluffy and warm, great for scooping up little bits of curry. i didn’t quite know what to expect from the sambar, and what i thought would be a gravy sauce turned out to be more like a vegetable soup. in any case, i loved it. we just passed the dish back and forth and ate it with a spoon until the bowl was dry.

    the best thing about paru’s, for me, is that they are a 100% vegetarian restaurant, and definitely know the meaning of the word vegan. our waiter told us exactly which dishes contained dairy before we even ordered, so we knew just what to avoid. i highly recommend you go and support this place. they sure deserve it…even if their exterior makes me a little uneasy.

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  • thanks for reminding me about Paru’s. I’ve been meaning to go there for forever–everybody has been raving about it at work.

  • Paru’s is one of my favorite restaurants in all of L.A.! Looks like you had a great meal. Their dosa’s are to die for, though I don’t know if they’re vegan. Sure hope so because now I really want one!

  • ALMOST as good as the currys back home in England!

  • I love Paru’s. Their patio makes me so happy. Have you been to Little India in Artesia? London has nothing on Pioneer Boulevard. So much vegetarian Indian food to swoon over.

  • I love Paru!! It’s like eating in someone’s home.

  • I’m so glad you tried this place. Definitely my all-time favorite Indian restaurant. The owner, Kannan is a really cool guy. Next time you go, ask if they have the cabbage lentil curry. It’s not on the menu but it is excellent as well.

    Most Indian restaurants are North Indian cuisine, but South Indian has it ALL over their brothers to the north. I believe Sambar is only South Indian, so that’s reason enough to go there.

  • liz- it’s def worth a visit! Your coworkers are right!
    foodeater- I had to look up what a dosa is! It sounds insanely delicious.
    trina- I haven’t tried that place, but I will now! If you say it beats london curry, I’m so there.
    scvegan- thanks for the tip! I will try that dish out. How do you have all the inside scoop? 😉

  • I’m just really hot right now. I’m like what American Idol USED to be.

  • I have been forced to boycott Paru’s — apparently one of the owners is in support of Prop 8.

  • If you like Parus, you’ll also like three other fabulous South Indian resturants:

    1. Annapurna (culver city): all veggie, many items vegan
    2. Mayura (also culver city): has great veggie and vegan options

    and (fanfare!)…Tirupathi Bhimas, in “Little India” (Pioneer Blvd in Artesia) is all veggie with good vegan options.

    Also. If you’re in Little India, you must try another of my favourite vegetarian places :): “Surati Farsan.” This is the cuisine of Gujarat, a Western Indian state.

    Enjoy! From a huge fan of your blog :).

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