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    July 28th, 2008quarrygirlpizza

    sometimes i forget how great i’ve got it in los angeles—from basically everywhere, i can head in any direction and find myself surrounded by vegan options within minutes. that is so not the case in downtown fresno. fresno is the kind of town where as a vegan, you may find yourself either going hungry or making an emergency call to the nearest pizza hut.

    vegan pizza at pizza hut: hand-tossed crust with olives and mushrooms
    large pizza: hand-tossed crust, extra sauce, mushrooms and olives

    i haven’t ordered food from pizza hut in years, but i found out this weekend that it makes the perfect “when-all-else-fails” meal. and if you are drunk and hungry enough, it tastes pretty damn good!

    you see, we booked a hotel in downtown fresno on our way up north assuming there would be tons of vegan-friendly options to choose from. i mean anywhere that has a “downtown” area with hotels and shops has got to offer a wide variety of cuisines, right? wrong. fresno’s downtown area is more like a ghost town: shops and restaurants close early and the streets are lined with mostly thrift stores and steak houses. when we arrived at around 9pm, priority #1 was to find a bar…which we did. i think we succeeded in finding the one bar in town that was open, and even then we were the only customers. the bartender was so excited to have us there, he even bought us a free round of drinks. after much mobile yelping and google-mapping, we decided on subway for dinner. it appeared to be the only restaurant within walking distance. however, when we stumbled out of the bar a couple of hours later, all 3 nearby subways had closed. did i mention i feel lucky to live in LA?

    we walked back to the hotel, buzzed with empty stomachs and decided on ordering a from the in-house pizza hut we’d seen advertised. however, we were thwarted again when they told us they only served pan dough pizzas. grrrrrrrrr, we’d done our homework and discovered that the pan dough contains milk! the kind employee did however tell us about a local pizza hut that would be closing soon, and suggested we order food from there directly to our room. so that’s just what we did.

    vegan pizza at pizza hut: hand-tossed crust with olives and mushrooms

    when ordering from pizza hut, vegans must remember to order only hand-tossed or thin ‘n crispy dough, and to always request extra sauce. the normal amount of sauce just doesn’t cut it—the pizza tastes way too dry and bready.

    at the end of the day, it was a happy ending for the quarrygirl team. pizza was enjoyed with the cheapest bottle of red wine the hotel had to offer…and i think this was a much better dinner solution than subway would have been anyway. suffice to say, we got the fuck out of fresno early the next morning, and have no plans on returning.

    vegan pizza at pizza hut: hand-tossed crust with olives and mushrooms

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  • I wonder if pizza hut will have to remove the partially hydrogenated oils from their pizza dough when California’s law on banning trans-fat goes into effect.

  • UGH. That law is sooooo fucking stupid, don’t even get me started!!!!!! Major case of big brother.

  • This is a very sad vacation story, but thanks for the emergency pizza hut tips.

  • good to know about the pizza – and your dinner does actually look pretty good!

  • I agree with thanks for the pizza tips! I don’t think I’ve ordered pizza out since going vegan. Alas, St. Louis is not nearly as vegan friendly as LA sounds, but I’m optimistic.

  • I’ve ordered Pizza Hut this way many times. I like to add bell peppers and onion, too. For a little “cheese” flavoring, I sprinkle on some soy parmesan. Tastes great!

  • Tough story with a happy ending. I find it better to take the 101 north to SF, stopping in San Luis Obispo or thereabouts. SLO is a college town so there are more vegan options.

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