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    i wish there were more places in hollywood like cafe muse. this unassuming restaurant offers quality coffee, a relaxing atmosphere and an almost entirely vegetarian menu (their only transgression is tuna). they definitely know the difference between vegan and vegetarian, and clearly mark on the menu which dishes contain dairy and/or eggs. on top of all that, and most importantly, the food is pretty damn good!

    grilled tofu wrap at cafe muse
    grilled tofu wrap: tofu grilled with garlic, soy sauce and red onion, with fresh tomatoes, avocado and mixed greens. $8.50

    cafe muse veggie burger
    veggie burger: vegan soy burger on a whole-wheat bun, served with fresh tomatoes, red onion and mixed greens, with dijon mustard and vegan mayo (add avocado for 75¢). $7.95

    this vegan burger certainly hit the spot, although i probably wouldn’t order it again. while it was tasty, it was definitely a mass-produced patty…i’m thinking it tasted like boca, but i can’t be sure. i don’t mind eating those at home, but when i go out to eat i want a vegan burger that’s special. native foods and m café come to mind. i won’t hold this against cafe muse though, because it was still delicious. especially with the light and healthy side salad.

    the grilled tofu wrap, on the other hand, was incredible—probably the best i’ve had in any restaurant. perfectly marinated tofu, paired with fresh vegetables and covered in soy sauce made for an unlikely combination that tasted great. all wrapped up in a spinach tortilla and slightly grilled on the bottom, it was delectable.

    griled tofu wrap at cafe muse

    i seriously can’t wait to go back and order this again. i’ve had a lot of wraps in my time, and i think the soy sauce must be what made this one so savory. yum.

    now, while i love cafe muse, it does have some downsides: the food takes a while to arrive, and the tables are pretty small. that’s about it. but the super friendly service, laid back artistic vibe, and refillable coffee more than make up for it. plus, they are open seven days a week from 9am til late…and offer breakfast. really, i don’t have much to complain about.

    i’m really glad to have found this sweet little cafe in the theater district of hollywood, and i can’t wait to return. from their website:

    Opened by two theatre artists, Cafe MUSE is right at home among the 15 small theaters located in and around Santa Monica Boulevard, in what we like to call the SOHO area of Los Angeles…and our menu offers light fare for theatre artists and their patrons.

    now who wouldn’t want to support a place like that?!

    cafe muse interior

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  • Husband and I saw Lyrics Born at Bar Lubitsch last night which meant I got to pick a vegan restaurant to dine in after the show.

    After reading your review I decided on Cafe Muse. I had the buffalo “chicken” wrap with sweet potato fries and H had the “chicken” pesto sandwich. We both intended on eating half our hearty meals and taking the other half home. That didn’t happen. We polished both meals off and were happily satisfied.

    Thanks again for your valuable reviews. You’re my go-to when choosing a new vegan restaurant.

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