• pure luck CLOSED?! say it ain’t so!

    July 19th, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, pure luck (closed)

    UPDATE! pure luck has re-opened for now. they have plywood over the broken wall. it’s still pretty fucked up though. hopefully they won’t have to shut down. explanation here.

    pure luck sign

    noooooooooOOOOOOoooOOOOooooOOOOOo! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?! i headed down to my favorite vegan restaurant today (pure luck, as you probably know) only to find out it was CLOSED! not just closed, but the windows were smashed and the wall looked like it had been driven into by a truck or something. the place was a mess! what a tragedy. why does this shit have to strike at the best vegan restaurant in town. boooooo.

    rest assured, i will be calling them constantly to find out when they re-open. 🙁 for now, my thoughts go out to the mgmt and staff. not fair that such a wonderful place should encounter any mishaps or have reason to shut down, even temporarily.

    meanwhile, i’ll leave you with some of quarrygirl’s fondest memories from the best restaurant in town.

    potato pals at pure luck vegan restaurant
    potato pals – my personal favorite

    jackfruit carnitas tacos at pure luck vegan restaurant
    jackfruit “carnitas” tacos – better than the real thing

    1903 lager at pure luck vegan restaurant
    and of course, pure luck’s amazing tap beer. craftsman 1903 pictured here.

    we already miss you, pure luck!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!

    pure luck interior

    if you wanna reminisce some more, see what else we ate in the past. boo hoo hoo.


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  • You mean, somebody was cruel enough to terrorize Pure Luck? It’s not closed down by management, but closed to fix the damage? Oh, this is horrible, terrible, awful news! Who would do such a thing?

  • vegyogini – I’m not sure why pure luck was closed. I was just speculating because the place looked damaged. If someone did infact drive into it, I hope it was an accident and not an act of malice! Either way, it totally fucked up my day. I’m 2 beers and about 25 potato pals short of satisfaction.

  • ok, this sucks. i ate here for the first time ever last week. ruling….

    heavenly hef is godsend and so is jackfruit.


  • My friend sent me the news with the quote “do you think the driver was a disgruntled customer, frustrated by the wait?” It’s a possibility.

    Please don’t let me make a joke along the “guess the don’t have pure luck, after all”…please.

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