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    as the summer rapidly approaches, it’s handy to have an arsenal of cool, refreshing meals that can be whipped up in less than 15 minutes. enter veganomicon and pete’s tofu to go.

    veganomicon’s corn & edamame sesame salad, atop spinach leaves with asian dressing

    pete’s tofu 2 go ready made tofu, with mango wasabi sauce (and we added in some chili garlic sauce as well)

    so simple to make and ready in minutes, this was the perfect meal for a scorching hot evening spent sitting on the couch with a bottle of wine. there was just enough to satisfy without leaving us full, bloated and feeling guilty.

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    the only actual cooking involved in making this meal was boiling the water for the edamame salad. veganomicon’s recipe was so straight-forward and easy to follow, even i didn’t screw it up! 😉

    the salad turned out perfect, but to put a quarrygirl twist on it, i decided to add some spinach tossed in a dressing of soy vey wasabiyaki sauce. the corn & edamame was served atop the spinach for a salad double whammy. yum.

    to add even more protein to our dinner, we decided to try out the new ready-made tofu snacks we recently bought at whole foods.

    no cooking at all was involved with the tofu—just unwrapping, adding some chili sauce, and eating right up. there were some weird flavors going on with these guys: jalapeno, mango, and a bunch of other tastes i could barely detect. initially, they were a little bit outside my comfort zone, but after a few bites i was hooked.

    ready in 15 minutes, eaten in 10; i think a new summer favorite has been born.

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  • i love the ready-made tofu… where do you find it?

  • miss anthrope

    i got it at whole foods in el segundo. it’s called pete’s tofu 2 go. i love it!

  • Pete’s Tofu 2 Go is the only tofu that I like straight-up. I like how the flavorings are working INTO the tofu before it’s formed, not just marinated. That’s how to do it!

  • Randomly off-topic but I had a vegan burger the other day at a WF location, made with a grilled portobello mushroom. They put avocado on it, along with lettuce/tomato and all the fixings. It was so good!!

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