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    June 3rd, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, m café

    on the way home from the airport after my trip to seattle, i decided to swing by m café to pick up something light and healthy—a salad, maybe, to make up for all the sinful vegan food i’d been enjoying over the past few days. i pulled up the m café menu on my mobile device and picked out what i thought would be a healthy salad. tons of vegetables and something called “tofu chevre”. i had no clue what that meant, but it had to be healthy, right? i’m pretty sure i was mistaken.

    the bistro: organic mixed baby greens, slow-roasted beets, portobello confit, house-made tofu chevre, candied walnuts, red wine & shallot vinaigrette $10.95

    the salad was pretty incredible, but i had no idea it would be covered in huge pieces of breaded and fried tofu! ugh, there went my healthy-dinner plan. of course the tofu was so delicious, i had to eat every last piece, despite its fat content.

    i don’t know what m café does to their salads, but they are always flawless. the produce was top notch, and the red wine vinaigrette was a light, refreshing contrast to the heavy, filling tofu. a creamy dressing would have totally overpowered it, but as always, m café got it right.

    oh, and for the record, i still think it’s better to get m café food to go (there was a huge line and tons of rude people when i picked up my food. it probably took about 15 minutes, even though my meal was pre-ordered)!

    i promise to tell you when i decide to be brave and dine in again. 😉

    P.S. doesn’t that picture of the salad in the take-away container look like a tofu ghost suffocating to death? or is it just me?

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  • I’ll have to try that salad (minus the onion and shallot vinaigrette, of course…ew). I used to love have a warm chevre salad in France.

  • Ok so before I said that M Cafe was my favorite andblah blah blah — last week I sat down at the communal table and was forced into a horrible conversation with a crazy man who I couldn’t seem to get away from. I’m starting to side with you on the take-away!!

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