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    June 2nd, 2008quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), seattle


    i can’t even tell you how elated i was to find mighty-o, a donut-baking shop in seattle that was ENTIRELY vegan. i was even more elated when i tried their donuts and they tasted EXACTLY like (if not better than) the real (unhealthy, ridiculously sinful, fattening, artery-clogging) thing!

    sprinkled o: the best chocolate donut ever covered in decadent frosting and sprinkles $1.65 along with naked cake: a mini plain donut 35¢

    i’ve gotta say, during the short time i spent in seattle, mighty-o was by far my favorite discovery. it’s definitely a heaven on earth for any vegan with an intense sweet tooth who misses the sinful vegetarian lifestyle. i’ve not had a donut in YEARS, but i remember loving them.

    i’ve alway had a penchant for sugar-laden treats. when i was a vegetarian teenager, i used to drive all the way from santa clarita to a donut shop in van nuys (a 20 mile journey) to obtain their coveted, brand-new, freshly-cooked donuts (if i arrived during certain hours, i could even watch them being made on a giant conveyer belt—what fun)! unfortunately, at the age of 20 when i became a vegan, i assumed that avenue of donut-devouring pleasure had been permanently closed off to me. ….boy, was i wrong! not only did mighty-o give me the opportunity to enjoy a pipin’ hot sugary donut, it also made those old treats i used to eat look like limp, crappy, fast-food versions of the real thing.

    and with a refillable cup of mighty-o’s coffee, plus a great seat in the window, i could easily spend all morning sipping drip and eating donuts.

    it’s no surprise that with vegan sweets this good, there was a line going out the door of mighty-o at 11 am on a saturday morning. the line was so long, in fact, that i turned around and decided to come back the next day, early. when i returned on sunday at around 8 am, the place was still pretty full—i guess people are willing to wake up early and wait for these magical donuts, and i am too!

    the naked cake was pretty good, i would recommend it if super sugary food isn’t your thing. mr. meaner ordered it and described it as “a bit dry”, but i guess that’s inevitable when you don’t have any frosting. i tried it and thought it was tasty…not NEARLY sweet enough for me, though.

    the sprinkled-o was, well, perfect. it was massive to start with, and still incredibly warm. the frosting was moist and delicious, and the sprinkles didn’t taste stale. i am the first one to admit when vegan food doesn’t compare to the “normal” food it’s trying to emulate (pizza, for example), but this donut was definitely better than any i ever remember eating.

    inside, the donut was even better. the decadent cake was soft, flavorful and sooooo chocolatey. this cake would have been great on its own w/o frosting—so when the two mixed together, it was incredible. i have no clue how they made such a rich and tasty donut entirely vegan. i am very impressed.

    in my opinion, it’s worth taking a trip to seattle just to try mighty-o donuts. this place is like a little vegan paradise, with so many donut flavors to choose from, and all of them safe to eat.

    when you do head over to mighty-o, make sure to get there early. especially on a weekend, there is bound to be a line. wait in it if you have to, though, ’cause these donuts are totally worth it!

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