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    i write this post for two reasons: to give you a wonderful, hearty chili recipe that can be ready in no time, AND to show you a great new product i just discovered.

    extra protein seitan and worthington chili

    this chili recipe is awesome, and soooooo full of protein…but even more importantly, i hope it introduces you to a WHOLE NEW VEGAN PRODUCT that’s been right under your nose for years: worthington! 

    have you ever even heard of this product? i hadn’t until recently. but now that i know it exists, i find it in every ralphs i visit, from city to city. 

    recipe after the jump. (and even if you are familiar with worthington, you’ll wanna read how to make this ultimate seitan chili meal anyways!)

    first what you need to do, is locate the wonderful worthington products…chili in particular! they can be found at a certain health food store in santa monica, or at your local neighborhood ralphs. you’ll just have to search for them. i found them in the canned vegetable aisle (god knows why they are stocked there), when looking for garbanzo beans. most ralphs are now outfitted with new snazzy green sections in each aisle that say “organic” or “healthy” or something of the like, and feature the store’s most overpriced products. this is where you will find worthington. in the canned vegetable aisle. in the snazzy green section. on the VERY BOTTOM shelf. 

    yep, that’s them way down there. can you see why i missed them? or why all the cans are starting to collect DUST, even though they are the best vegan products in the entire store?

    they have soooo many great products down there on that dank and dusty shelf. i implore you to try them all, but for now, you just need the chili.

    1 can of worthington chili
    1 package of white wave seitan (i buy from whole foods)
    1 whole onion, diced
    3 tomatoes, diced
    3 cloves of garlic, crushed
    1.5 tons of dry cholula powder
    bottled hot sauce to taste

    what to do:
    wash and drain the packet of seitan. chop it up into halves. fry up half the onion, half the tomato, and all the garlic and seitan!


    fry it up real nice and keep adding cholula powder. keep going until it smells and tastes SO GOOD!

    now, add in the can of chili. cook for 10 minutes on low heat, and continue to add cholua and desired hot sauce. (i use tabasco!)

    when it’s all cooked and ready (taste it to make sure), remove the chili and cover with remaining onions and tomatoes. finally add some MORE hot sauce and eat it! …EAT IT UP!

    i’m so stoked to have found this new vegan product. and adding it to white wave’s wonderful seitan and some fresh vegetables and spicy bottled sauces made it infinitely better. 

    i sincerely hope you give it a try. come on! the cans are getting dusty, we’ve got to keep ralphs stocking these vegan products! join the fight!

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