• vegan coachella ’08: saturday


    coachella saturday was the day of technical difficulties. the screens went out during death cab for cutie‘s set, when M.I.A. took the stage the lights broke, and the biggest technical difficulty of all made us several hours late for the festival, causing us to miss the beloved MGMT.

    luckily, the food was even better than it was on friday! god bless vegan rockers—at coachella, i reap the benefits of their dietary choices.

    combination plate: coconut rice with dal and tomato pea curry $8

    taking veganism one step further than the night prior, on saturday we decided to eat dinner at the bombay station, a stand that proclaimed to be ENTIRELY vegan.

    we arrived at coachella rather late on saturday, like i said, due to technical difficulties. you see, we own this car that is supposed to be super-secure, so secure in fact, that if you lock your key in the trunk, there is no way to retrieve it other than order a replacement from germany which could take several days. at least this is what we were told by the dealer, manufacturer, and several locksmiths on saturday as we stood in the desert heat after locking our keys, wallets, tickets, identification, and luggage in the trunk. may i add it was also a malfunction that locked us out: the trunk door isn’t supposed to close with the remote control key inside of it. but this time it did, for some unexplained reason (hence the “technical difficulty”). long story short, none other than my parents came to the rescue by driving all the way from santa clarita to pick up our key in hollywood and deliver them to us where we were stranded in a palm springs hotel parking lot. (thanks again, m&d, we love you!)

    by the time we actually made it to the fest, we’d already had lunch with the folks and wanted to cram every second possible full of rock (at least until prince took the stage, at which point we’d be long gone). 

    when hunger finally took over, we ended up grabbing a snack near the tents (a steamed and ricockulously over-priced artichoke) and dinner (a curry combo plate from bombay station), both which were delightful.

    steamed artichoke: $7 (yeah, i’m serious. there’s no bourbon in that artichoke. it’s just an artichoke…for seven dollars.)

    another great thing about the bombay station, on top of the super tasty vegan curry (pictured way above in the post) was the overly zany staff who yelled at us as we walked by, encouraged us to take pix of the stand, and launched into a frat-worthy chant when we put a buck into the tip jar.

    well done, bombay station. if you are still around next year, i will surely see you in ’09.

    oh, and again, as a side note: here are quarrygirl.com’s picks of the day (technical difficulties represented), along with photos and mp3s. have at ’em.

    quarrygirl.com’s coachella – saturday, april 26, 2008


    hot chip (enjoy, FOOD TRANCE!)

    ready for the floor


    death cab for cutie (aka “holy shit our screens just broke)


    i will possess your heart





    M.I.A. (aka “turn the fucking lights on, this is the bloody dance tent!!!”)

    paper planes


    (sorry no portishead pix, we only caught the first half of their set before we had to run to the car to avoid the stampede of prince fans entering the field!!)


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